Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birdwatching at Bukit Brown with Nature Society

I joined Nature Society yet again on the 18 Dec for another series of walks to create awareness on the importance of Bukit Brown from an ecological perspective. For me, i did not need any more persuasion as i have already signed the petition to save it. The walk today is to help me further improve my birding skills and to meet with like minded people.

I arrived earlier at 7:45am and was rewarded as the saying goes " early bird catches the warm", i caught sight of two Blue crowned hanging parrots. I seen this parrots before in Bukit Brown, but its my first time seeing a pair of them.

Today's walk was led by Nature Society's volunteer Yee Ling(Ms) and Hang Chong (Mr). The turn out was  very good as well with about 20 people joining this walk. We didn't walk far to see birds as the meeting place was the site where we saw most of the list mentioned below:

  • Banded woodpecker
  • Greater racquet tailed Drongo
  • Straw headed Bulbul
  • Hill Myna
  • Pink necked Pigeons
  • Blue crowned hanging parrots
  • Red-breasted parakeets


Blue crowned hanging parrot (left) & 4 Hill Mynas (right)

I learned that other than being a roosting place for fruit bats, the bird nest fern often seen on the rain tree is used by Pangolin's as its home away from predators ! Because pangolins needs long claws to get through its main food supply (termites in the hard termite mounts), this long claws makes it difficult for it to walk and they improvised by walking on two legs and balancing using its legs.  Another takeaway i learned is that the fruit bats here i not blind but do use their sight and their keen sense of smell in finding their fruit source.

An important geographical lesson i learned is that the terrain of Bukit Brown is made of a few hills and  natural stream flows through its various "valleys" providing an important link for the food chain.

Some of the streams that run across Bukit Brown

The whole tour was fun indeed and i got to learn new things as well. There is another public walk organised by Nature Society on the 24th Dec. Do visit Nature Society's facebook page for more details.

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