Saturday, December 17, 2011

See Boh Ih (Bukit Brown)

See Boh Ih (民国 庚辰年 - died 1940(?) at Block 4 Division C)  is said to be a prominent banker.

He was a family friend of Tan Cheng Siong (General Manager of Oversea Chinese Bank Ltd, another prominent banker and Chinese community leader. also buried in Bukit Brown after he passed on at the age of 42 in Oct 1922).

One unconfirmed story goes that it was See Boh Ih  that was said to have offered Tan Chin Tuan (the eldest son of Mr Tan Cheng Siong) , a clerical post in the Chinese Commercial Bank Ltd.

Tan Chin Tuan, of course went out to do great things as well.

Tomb of See Boh Ih 

Mr See Boh Ih was once the President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in 1928. His compatriot Mr Lim Nee Soon was the president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for two terms, from 1921-1922 and 1925-1926 in which during his second term, See Boh was vice-president.

4 Feb 1925
Reports also indicate the properties he purchased, indicating his wealth or at least business acumen.

30 Dec 1919

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