Tan Swee Kee (Bukit Brown)

Tan Swee Kee (Tan Swee Khi / Tan Swee Khee / Tan Swi Khi) was one of the founders and directors of Sze Hai Tong Bank. He was the Bank's Manager in 1911 and later on, the Assistant Manager and Secretary in 1916. Tan Swee Kee was also a business partner with Seah Peck Seah, Lim Kim Seng and Seah Whah Ngee in the firm Chin Huat Hin Oil Trading Co (Seah Peck Seah and Co, proprietors ). His son, Tan Boon Kiah married one of Seah Peck Seah's daughters.

Tan Swee Kee's tomb 

Sze Hai Tong Banking and Insurance Co. Ltd was established in January 1907 with its head office in No 58 Kling Road. The Chairman and Managing Director was Leow Chia Heng. The manager in 1916 was Lee Wee Nam and Tan Swee Khi was the bank's Assistant Manager and Secretary. The Board of Directors in 1916 included Mr Seah Peck Seah, Mr Seah Eng Cheang, Chan Teck Hee, Tan Boon Kiah (his son), Wee Cheow Keng, Teo Teow Peng.

Board of Directors in 1911
(source: NewspaperSG)

In 1911, in a wedding reception for Mr and Mrs Seah Liang Seah's third daughter, Mrs Tan Swee Kee gave 2 gold hair-pins as a wedding gift.

Tan Swee Kee passed away on 20 May 1924 at 3:35pm, aged 62 at No 63 Cuppage Road. He is survived by 2 sons, Tan Boon Kiah and Tan Boon Yong. Tan Boon Kiah worked at the Sze Hai Tong Bank and Tan Boon Yong, the Netherlands Indian Commercial Bank. When he died, he left behind 500 shares of the bank, the family home in Cuppage Road, land and house in Punggol and shares in 2 or 3 chinese firms.


Son: Tan Boon Kiah
Tan Boon Kian married one of Mr and Mrs Seah Peck Seah's daughter. (If you recall my previous article,  prominent teochew leader and director of Sze Hai Tong Bank, Mr Low Peng Soy married another of Mr and Mrs Seah Peck Seah's daughter, Miss Seah Hoh Ngoh.)

Tan Boon Kian was found guilty in March 1936 for criminal breach of trust for the amount $103,752.90 , the former Assistant Manager and director of Sze Hai Tong, was sentenced to prison for 3 years.

Son: Tan Boon Yong
Tan Boon Yong became a bankrupt at the age of 48  in 1932 with total liabilities totalling $343,776.  A total of $200,000 was as a result of guaranteeing overdrafts for 4 four firms which eventually failed. He was finally discharged from bankruptcy in 1938.

What happened to the two brothers later on ? It's a mystery to me, for now.

Location of tomb 

Tan Swee Kee's tomb is unique and located in Hill 2 Division D

Tan Swee Kee's tomb 

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