Ubin nature walk (10 November)

Back again in Ubin for another leisurely walk. While waiting in the jetty in Changi Village, i observed a number of man and woman returning from Ubin with boxes of durian. As observed in my previous trip there on October 13, the durians having finally dropped and as the saying goes, early bird catches the worm.

A quick check with one of the shops in Ubin that sell coconuts and other drinks, a local Ubin durian fetches $6 a kg...!! I kept my focus on spotting the nature life rather than durians.

Below are just a few of the wildlife i manage to "capture" during my day there. We saw a beautiful flying lizard, but unfortunately i could not get a shot of it.

White-rumped Sharma 

Intermediate Egret  in flight

From top left, clockwise - Grasshopper, Golden Orb Spider, dead (?) snake
leaf cockroach 

With Ubin Island becoming a popular destination for locals and tourist alike, the roads do get crowded with cyclist who rent bicycles to explore Ubin. On one of this roads, we stumbled upon a snake ( i suspect it's a Striped Bronzeback) with blood oozing out of its head. It was probably was rolled over by a bicycle. Upon closer inspection of its body, there was a bulge in its middle indicating it fed on something just recently. So, a last meal before getting killed.

Cockatoo's in Changi Village 
Changi Village Hawker Centre (No 2 /3 Changi Village Road) is going through upgrading changes from March 2012 to December 2012 with hopefully a much cooler hawker centre to welcome us. The previous changes was a total fail, with poor ventilation and in most instances eating in that place on a warm and humid day a chore. Most visitors had to eat at the various coffee shops along Changi Village Road. This gave me the opportunity to check out the Angsana trees along the road and the "residents" that called it home. The most striking one is of course the Tanimbar Cockatoo (Cacatua goffini). I manage to catch site of a pair who made a nest in one the crevices of Angsana Trees.

Other parrots in Singapore:  Parrots in Singapore, posted on April 17, 2011


  1. I think it looks more like a striped keelback to me:

  2. Thks Ivan and Beng T. Will post close-up of it when i have time.


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