Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bidadari (17 December)

I was on leave on a Monday morning and went down to Bidadari to do a spot of birdwatching again.  I spotted the Chestnut-winged Cuckoo today but unfortunately the beautiful bird was very skittish as usual and i could not follow where it eventually flew towards to.

It was a nice quiet Monday morning too, at not many birds in sight. Throughout my whole morning, i bumped into a total of 3 bird photographers and the same student from National University of Singapore Life Sciences doing her final year dissertation field research on the squirrel population in Bidadari (variable and plantain) that i met the last time i was there on December 7. She was there from 7 am and still observing the squirrels by the time i left.

Laced Woodpecker (male)
Laced Woodpecker (female)

Oriental Cuckoo

Variable Squirrel 

Plantain Squirrel 

Indian Cuckoo eating a caterpillar 
Tiger Shrike 
Koel (male) 
It was almost 1 pm when i decided to make my way back partly because the sky was also turning dark with the threat of potential rain (indeed later in rained). When i was about to leave, i saw a flock of  9-10  Black Baza's (only manage to take a picture with six of them in the sky, catching a thermal ). It got me thinking that this might the last time, this beautiful migratory birds might be able to a pit stop in this place, with Bidadari slated for development soon and the trees here to be cleared by next year. A very sad thought indeed. 

Flock of Black Baza's

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