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Unique tomb with Immortals (Bukit Brown)

I have walked and combed Hill 2 in the vicinity of See Tiong Wah's tomb many times. In this particular trip, i explored the tombs downhill towards the direction of the stream. A tomb which was exhumed sometime ago caught my eye. The guardian statues that flank it looked very different from the rest of ones i seen in Bukit Brown before.

Taking a closer look, true enough -it was statutes of 2 men ! With the help of Bukit Brown community, i found out that they represented two of the Eight Immortals (八仙). The statute on the far left is Iron-Crutch Li ( Li Tieguai) 鐵拐李 while on the right is Han Zhongli (Zhongli Quan) 钟离权

Iron-Crutch Li (Tieguai Li)鐵拐李

Han Zhongli (Zhongli Quan) 钟离权
I am not familiar nor i am expert with the stories and legends about the Eight Immortals, so what i will do is highlight some of the resources online that i found useful.

The tomb occupant: Poh Soon Cheow
Poh Soon Cheow was born on September 24, 1874 and died on July 13, 1928. What remains from the tomb are the names of the deceased sons, daughters, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren.

Sons: Poh Hoe Swee, Poh Kim Chong, Poh Chew Bock
Daughters: Poh Sam Bin, Poh Eng Keow, Poh Kim Eng

Daughters-in-law: Soh Kim Kee, Yeo Hay Neo

Grandsons: Poh Kong Eng, Poh Giong Huat, Poh Kong Hwee

Poh Hoe Swee (just like his father) was a building contractor and he was responsible for a few awarded tenders including winning a contract worth $8,990 to do general repairs, painting and washing to the Criminal and Magistrates Court in South Bridge Road. Poh Hoe Swee (Poh Ho Swee) died on January 11, 1941. His residence was at No 355 East Coast Road. Poh Kim Chong(his brother), Soh Kiat Choon and Ng Cheong Yew were executors of his will.

Tomb back showing mountains and trees

Tomb back showing mountains and trees

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