Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Saving Bidadari

I read with great interest an article in the Straits Times dated Dec 4, 2012 on the current campaign by Nature Society to save Bidadari, or to be more accurate, a portion of Bidadari as a parkland /woodland. This is because of the recent records by ecologist and bird enthusiast of the Nature Society that there are recorded sightings of 59 migratory bird species, more than any sightings anywhere in Singapore. The possible reason for this is that Bidadari could be right smack in the path of migratory birds that come from as far as Kamchatka, Russia on their way to Indonesia as part of the winter migration. One of the rare migratory birds sighted here, as mentioned in the report was the Japanese Paradise Flycatcher.

According to the article, the Urban Development Authority's (URA) Masterplan 2008 has put into consideration an area within Bidadari as a parkland, but this differs substantially for Nature Society's proposal. It's too early to see what will happen, but let's hope for a win win situation for all parties and that Nature Society can be consulted and advice sought when this park is built and this rest point for migratory birds can be maintained for years to come.

source: Straits Times (4 December 2012)

In the meantime, i will try to spare some time to make more visits to Bidadari before the development of it begins.Who knows, i might catch sight of the Japanese Paradise Flycatcher.

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