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Teo Cheng Hee and family (Bukit Brown)

Teo Cheng Hee was a storekeeper for the East Asiatic Company until he retired. He held a retail liquor shop license for his shop in No 33 High Street and was also a rice merchant in partnership together with Wee Kah Kiat, Wee Kah Keng and Goei Kim Lian during the 1920's. The company, Hong Guan and Company (chop Huan Guan) was located at No 4 New Bridge Road.

Teo Cheng Hee died on November 28, 1935 at the age of 55 in his residence in No 17 Balmoral Road. He left behind a wife, Madam Wee Burok,  4 sons (Teo Koon Beng, Teo Koon Wah, Teo Koon Gee and Teo Koon Hoe) and 3 daughters (Teo Missie, Teo Jossy,Teo Nellie), one son-in-law (Joseph Chye) and one daughter-in-law (Madam Tan Mui Kioh).
Tomb of Teo Cheng Hee (almost covered by the jungle)

Tomb of Teo Cheng Hee (taken from the left)

source: NewspaperSG

Parents: Mr and Mrs Teo Guan Bee
His mother, Tan Geok Neo passed away at No 5 Balmoral Road in August 20, 1918 survived by Teo Cheng Hee and his brother Teo Cheng Kwee. She was buried in Bukit Timah cemetery.

Wife: Wee Tiang Hee alias Wee Burok
Wee Tiang Hee alias Wee Burok, is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Wee Kay Siang. She passed away in July 9,1952 at her residence in 91-G Rangoon Road. She was survived by two sons, two daughters, 1 son-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law.

Father-in-law: Wee Kay Siang
Wee Kay Siang was a well known Straits born Chinese whose parents came from China to Malacca long ago. Born in 1858, he was a well known banker and a director of the Old Singapore Opium Farms and Hong Kong farms before the British colony government took over. He was also the storekeeper for Messrs. Brinkmann and Co for 52 years. Wee Kay Siang passed away at his residence at "Ben Nevis", No 75 Thomson Road. Son-in-law and father-in-law had a litigation tussle where Teo Cheng Hee claimed $600 (for six month wages) and Wee Kay Siang counter-claimed $3000 on a promissory note. Wee Kay Siang won the case.

Source: NewspaperSG

Eldest son, Teo Koon Beng
Teo Koon Beng married Miss Ang Poh Hian, eldest daughter of the late Mr Ang Eng Moh of Penang in March 1936. Teo Koon Beng died in June 1955.
Teo Keng Beng and Ang Poh Hian
source: NewspaperSG
Eldest daughter: Helen Teo
His eldest daughter, Helen Teo married Joseph Chye, eldest son of Mr Chye Fook Sinn and the late Mrs Chye Fook Sinn on November 9, 1935 at St. Theresa's Church. Mr Teo Cheng Hee died 19 days later.

Mr Teo Cheng Hee's grave is located in Hill 4 Division A plot 401/393.

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