Friday, January 18, 2013

Remembering Bukit Brown

In today's Business Times, there was a nicely written article by Cheah Ui-Hoon titled "Remembering Bukit Brown". The photograph in the article features the tomb of Mr and Mrs Poh Cheng Tee.
Source: Business Times, January 18, 2013
The article also shared the fact the over the course of one year, a small but active community group had sprung up Bukit Brown – as they started documenting the cemetery and giving tours, maintaining an active Facebook page as well as a blog. It has in fact grown into one of the biggest interest groups to save a cemetery – a first in Singapore.

Dr Chua Ai Lin, Vice-President of the Singapore Heritage Society and a History lecturer at the National University of Singapore shared her thoughts: “I think it’s partly due to the fact that Singaporeans are more aware now of their heritage and the role that history plays in our life. Because of the rapid changes in society, we wonder more about our roots and identity".

There will be a half day event, titled "Celebrating Bukit Brown: Rediscovering the Past" at the Substation this coming Sunday, January 20th. Artist, volunteers and experts will be present to share around the theme of Bukit Brown. There will be also a film screening on the Qing Ming rights in Bukit Brown.

Do try to make it if you have time. I will definitely be going down to help out.
Celebrating Bukit Brown

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