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Lee Chim Teck (Bukit Brown)

Lee Chim Teck / Lee Chim Tek (1883-1927) was a director of the Nyalas Rubber Estates, Straits Monte Carlo Club and partner in Lim Chim Tek & Co. Share brokers (34, Winchester House/ 16 Collyer Quay).

1911, June 2 The Singapore Free Press
(source: NewspaperSG)
(source: NewspaperSG)
Lim Chim Teck died on January 5, 1927 at 3:30 am at his residence in 81 Amoy Street at the age of 44 years old. The funeral of Mr Lim Chim Teck took place on Sunday, January 9, 1927 from 81 Amoy Street to Bukit Brown. His widow was Madam Chee Seok Goh. His tomb is located in Hill 1 Division B.

Lee Chim Teck (born June 1883)
Lee Chim Teck's tomb 
Father: Mr Lee Keng Kiat (Lee Keng Keat)
Mr Lee Keng Kiat was the son of Mr Lee Quee Lim and was born in Malacca in 1851 and educated in St. Xavier's Institution, Penang. For many years, Lee Keng Kiat was associated with the firm Keng Yong Brothers and later joined Straits Steamship Co has its sub-manager until his retirement in 1911. Lee Keng Kiat had the honor of representing the chinese merchant community in congratulating the Sultan of Johore on July 8, 1886 and his recognition of his title as Sultan by Queen Victoria. The address was read in English by Lee Keng Kiat and contained more than 150 signatures. In 1900, he was elected as a member of the committee of the Straits Chinese British Association, the year of the associations formation. His intense patriotism was demonstrated in 1901, when at the age of 50, he enlisted as one of the original members of the Singapore Volunteer Infantry (Chinese Company). (S.V.C).
Lee Keng Kiat (father of Lee Chim Teck)
Lee Keng Kiat passed away on February 9, 1917 at the age of 6 at 81 Amoy Street, leaving behind 5 sons. Two of them, Lee Chim Tuan and Lee Chim Huk were still on the active list of the S.V.C. Lee Chim Teck was no longer active. Lee Keng Kiat was buried in the family burial ground in Serangoon Road.

His brothers are Lee Keng Yam, Lee Keng Yong, Lee Keng Liat and Lee Sek Long.

Uncle: Lee Keng Yam 
Lee Keng Yam was well known as the head of the Opium Farms since 1885. Before this, he was is Messrs. Kim Seng and Co. based in Shanghai for 13 years before moving to Singapore in 1885. He holds the Dutch farms license as well and 3 months before his death secured a 3 year license for the Hong Kong Opium Farm. He died in September 28, 1888 at his residence in Teluk Ayer Street at the age of 46 and buried in Malacca.

Brother: Lee Chim Tuan 
Lee Chim Tuan was the secretary, right-hand man and travelling companion of Mr and Mrs Lee Choon Guan. He has accompanied Mr and Mrs Lee Choon Guan, M.B.E in their many trips. He was also a Municipal Commissioner and Justice of Peace.

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reginag said...

These should be in volt history. Nice to learn about this.

limsoonhoe said...

From here I see that Lee Choon Guan is related to Lee Keng Kiat.
Lee Kip Lin’s paternal grandfather was Lee Keng Kiat & paternal granduncle was Lee Choon Guan.

In Lee Cheng Yan is the father of Mr Lee Choon Guan.

Yet in this page Mr Lee Keng Kiat was the son of Mr Lee Quee Lim

Are they the same Lee Choon Guan?

Thank you.

Rojak Librarian said...

From the family tree, Lee Chan Bee is the father of both Lee Quee Lim and Lee Cheng Yan.

One of Lee Quee Lim's son is Lee Keng Kiat while the eldest son of Lee Cheng Yan is Lee Choon Guan).

In short Lee Keng Kiat and Lee Choon Guan are cousins.