Teo Siok Guan (Bukit Brown)

Teo Siok Guan came to Singapore with his father from Tung Ann District in his early youth. Teo Siok Guan is a motor accessories and bicycle dealer and owner of Guan Hoe Co. (Malaya) located at 14 Hill Street. He was also the president of the Singapore Cycle and Motor Dealer's Union. When the Bank of Singapore opened in 1955 (Singapore's 27th Bank), Teo Siok Guan was one of its directors. Guan Hoe & Co was also well known as the sole agents in Singapore and Malaya for Suzuki Motorcycles in the 1960's. In 1954, Teo Siok Guan build a $1 million factory in Johor to manufacture tyre rims and motorcycle accessories. 

Teo Siok Guan
Teo Siok Guan

Guan Hoe & Co , Hill Street. 

Guan Hoe (Ipoh)

Guan Hoe Co (Malaya)

Suzuki Motorcycles , 1961
(source: NewspaperSG)

Fairfield Girl School Building Fund (1952) Anti-Opium Society of Singapore (1935), Malayan Patrotic Fund (1939). President of the Buddhist Lodge. Founding director of the Bank of Singapore.  

Teo Siok Guan, JP passed away at the age of 65 in the General Hospital on Monday, 27 May 1957 leaving behind his wife, 4 sons, Teo Chin Seng, Teo Choo Wah, Teo Choo Siong, Teo Choo Kiat, 2 daughter-in-laws, 9 daughters, 6 son-in-laws, Tan Kong Piat, Wee Aik Koon, Tan Seng Hock, Whang Tai Choon, Tan Eng Guan, Tan Keng Guan and several grandchildren. The cortege left the residence in No. 1 Still Road. 
The daughters listed are: Teo Siew Lian, Teo Siew Choo, Teo Poh Lian, Teo Poh Kiang, Teo Poh Hock, Teo Joo Ee, Teo Choo Kim, Teo Choo Siew, Teo Poh Ngoh.

Teo Siok Guan tomb in Bukit Brown
Teo Siok Guan 

Madam Ng Boon Huay
Madam Ng Boon Huay 

Wife: Ng Boon Huay 
His wife, Madam Ng Boon Huay died in April 1935 at the age of 39. She was interned in Bukit Brown on 9 April 1935. Her funeral procession was reported to be one of the longest funeral procession seen in years. 
Ng Boon Huay

Funeral hearse of Mrs. Teo Siok Guan 

Wife: Tan Bee Luan
Madam Tan Bee Luan passed away on 24 May 1996 at the age of 87. She is survived by sons; Teo Chin Seng (wife: Lim Siew Cheng) , Teo Choo Wah (wife: Cheng Wei Liang) , Teo Choo Kiat (wife: Maurine Tsakok ) and daughters, Teo Siew Choo, Teo Poh Kiang, Teo Joo Ee, Teo Poh Hoon, Teo Choo Kim, Teo Choo Siew, Teo Poh Ngoh.

Madam Tan Bee Luan is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tan Gim Wee

Madam Tan Bee Luan 

Sikh  guards guarding tomb of Mr and Mrs Teo Siok Guan 


Son: Teo Choo Wah
Teo Choo Wah (second son of Mr and Mrs Teo Siok Guan ) married Miss Cheng Wei Lian, niece of Mr and Mrs Cheng Hui Ming, M.B.E at Raffles Hotel on January 5, 1952. Teo Choo Wah is a director of Singapore Finance Ltd. He is also the director of 7 other companies. These are Teo Siok Guan Ltd, Guan Hoe Co. (Penang) Ltd, Guan Hoe Co. (Malaya) Ltd, Guan Hong Plantation Ltd, Oriental Manufacturing Ltd, Tai Cheong Trading Co Ltd, Tai Cheong Motor Co Ltd.

Son: Teo Choo Kiat 
Teo Choo Kiat went into the motor business after his father passed away and took it from there, expanding from Suzuki to Ducati. He was also the Treasurer of the Tung Ann District Guild.

Teo Choo Kiat and his wife Maurine Tsakok 
Son-in-law:  Tan Kong Piat
His son-in-law, Tan Kong Piat is the Chairman of the Singapore Finance Ltd. He also heads 5 other companies including Asia Industrial Development Ltd, Tan Kong Piat Ltd, Chung Nan Co Ltd and Ban Hua Lee Co Ltd. He is also a director of Bank of Singapore Ltd, Malaysia Finance Ltd and Guan Hong Plantation Ltd.

Daughter: Teo Poh Hoon 
The engagement was announced between Tan Seng Hock (elder son of Mrs. Tan Boon Chuan and the late Mr. Tan Boon Chuan) and Miss Teo Poh hoon ( third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Teo Siok Guan) on 4 October 1947. 

Location of Tomb

Teo Siok Guan tomb is at Block 3 Section C, plot 460 and 1/2of 438.
Tomb of Mr and Mrs Teo Siok Guan with fencing still intact


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