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Sng Leng nee Tan Chye Neo (Bukit Brown)

At the top of Hill 1, lies the grave of Mrs Sng Leng nee Tan Chye Neo. She passed away at her residence in No 235 Rangoon Road on May 10, 1941 at the age of 79. She is survived by her 2 sons; Sng Ah Piew and Sng Pun Soo, 3 daughters; Sng Min Neo, Sng Yan Neo, 3 daughter-in-laws, 2 son-in-laws, 28 grand children, 26 great grand children.

One of the wreath, came from members of The Goh Loo Club, (a club located at Club Street which was founded by Dr. Lim Boon Keng in 1937 and initially served as a gathering point for Chinese leaders, some of whom had been actively involved in raising relief funds for China, (e.g. Tan Ean Kiam ) indicating with probability that Mr Sng Pun Soo was an active supporter of the Goh Loo Club.
Tomb of Mrs Sng Leng nee Tan Chye Neo
Son: Sng Ah Piew
Sng Ah Piew works for Messrs Boustead and Co. Ltd. He was the honory secretary of the Tiang Choon Kok Association and committee member of the Eng Wah Kok Association.

A typewriting contest held at Commercial Department of the Anglo-Chinese school on July 9, 1913 provided an interesting story and insight on not only the contest itself, but on who came first in the group. First was Mr Seow Poh Quee (brother of Seow Poh Leng and one of the sons of Mrs Seow Chye Watt nee Madam Yeo Boey Neo). Sng Ah Piew came in 5th.
(source: NewspaperSG)
 Sng Ah Piew's eldest son, Sng Thian Lye married Miss Lim Hian Neo, only daughter of Mr Lim Keng Tian of Monte Comte Ltd on December 30, 1935. Mr Sng Thian Lye is attached to the Municipal Secretariat. His wedding dinner was held at Tai Tong Restaurant, New World and 160 guest were invited including Mr and Mrs Emile Galistan, Sng Pun Soo, Ong Piah Teng and many others including leading members of the Tiang Choon Kok,  Eng Wah Kok, Coterie and the Aurora B.P.

In June 1952, an auction sale for the estate of Sng Ah Piew (deceased) was advertised for his house No 235  and 237 Rangoon Road, Freehold, (area 7,417 square feet ), giving indication of roughly when he passed away.  

[September 2013] I found the tomb of Sng Ah Piew in Hill 3 Section A, plot 149. On his tomb list his death date as February 13, 1942 (just before the fall of Singapore at the age of 53). His sons are: Sng Thian Lye, Sng Kwee Sim, Sng Kwee Lim, Sng Siong Lim. He is buried in a family cluster of Sng's.
Sng Ah Piew's tomb 
Son: Sng Pun Soo
Sng Pun Soo works for Tiong Aik and Co. and for Malayan Agencies. He was the honory secretary of the City Club in 1927 (Patrons of the City Club were Lim Soon Bee, Chua Boon Im and Lee Phan Hock). He was the Vice President of the Mutual Improvement Association in 1922 (President was Ong Boon Chwee) and committee member of the Chinese Association in 1925 (chairman was Cheong Koon Seng).

Sng Pun Soo in 1933 was the one that informed the press that Dr. Lim Boon Keng was still away as  Chancellor of the University of Amoy. ( Lim Boon Keng came back for a short while to attend the marriage of his daughter but went back to Amoy to resume work).

Madam Tan Guat Neo, wife of the late Sng Pun Soo passed away at the age of 55 on December 23, 1956 at residence 235 Rangoon Road. She is remembered by 3 sons; Sng Kong Beng, Sng Kong Hwee, Sng Kong Wah, 1 daughter, 1 son-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law.

The tomb of Sng Pun Soo was also discovered in September 2013 in the family cluster. Mr Sng Pun Soo died at the age of 55 on July 21, 1948

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