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Ang Ban Koon (Bukit Brown)

Ang Ban Koon (like his father, Ang Kong Teng ) owned and rented out property out during various occasions. Two of this properties are in Newton Road,  which should be of substantial size judging by the fact that it had a tennis court, garage, servants' quarters, electric light and water in 1926.

Ang Ban Koon was one of the vice presidents of the Amateur Sporting Association in 1926, during which its patron was Mr Aw Boon Haw
Ang Ban Koon
In a court case, Ang Ban Koon and Ang Hock Seng sued Ang Siong Lim for the recovery of $19,402 (principal and interest) on claims of 15 Promissory Notes that were signed by Ang Siong Lim. What was the outcome? This was uncertained. 

Ang Ban Koon 

Mrs Ang Ban Koon

Father: Ang Kong Teng
Ang Kong Teng donated to various causes including the Westminster College, Fukien (1924), Methodist Mission Recreation Building (1924), Nan Hua Girls School Fund (1926). Ang Kong Teng passed away at the age of 92 on August 5, 1934 at his residence in No 180 Telok Ayer Street. He left behind a widow, 4 sons and 4 daughters. He was buried in Alexandra Cemetery.

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