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Birdwatching in Bidadari ( November 3 )

Bird photographers and some birdwatchers in Bidadari (Nov 3)
Joggers on a Sunday morning (Nov 3)
Today's (November 3, 2013) Sunday Times features Nature's Society plea to the Urban Planners to make amendments to their plan of the current location for the propose park of the future Bidadari housing estate (which is in a barren portion of Bidadari) to another section of a forested area in the Muslim section of Bidadari that has been documented and proven to shelter and provide food for migratory birds that flies in from northern hemisphere (from places like China, Siberia, Russia, Japan, etc) during the September - April months.
Migratory and rare birds sighted in Bidadari
(source: The Straits Times)
The article quotes Dr Ho Hua Chew, the vice-chairman of Nature Society's conversation committee, "An alternative, is to relocate a 10ha park set to be built in the centre of the upcoming estate to the green lung along Bartley Road." Indeed for those who have actually visited Bidadari, this identified area indeed is thriving with many Albizia (Paraserianthes falcataria) trees that provide many worms and insects that provide fuel to many migratory and resident birds. Two endangered species- the brown-chested jungle flycatcher and japanese paradise flycatcher are also most frequently sighted in Bidadari compared to othe birding spots.

Albizia trees grows very fast on disturbed or wastelands and are seen as a "poor mother nature's" alternative to forested trees that take many decades to mature. However the problem with Albizia trees are their branches are prone to breakage and shallow roots make the tree prone to collapse especially during heavy torrential rains. This factors deemed this trees unsuitable for curated parks but this very trees attract the birds. Can we someone strike a delicate balance like the possible balance of development and nature conservation? This will continue to be an on-going battle !
Albizia cluster of trees
I also bumped into Mr Leong Kwok Peng, vice-president of Nature Society walking the grounds and creating awareness of the efforts of Nature Society in trying to conserve the key parts of Bidadari for future prosperity. I wish him and the Society the very best ! Anyways, today i so happen to be at Bidadari. The Birds i saw today (the ones i could identify)
  1. Rose-ringed Parakeet (3)
  2. Black Baza (at least 3-4 )
  3. White bellied sea eagle 
  4. Long-tailed Shrike
  5. Tiger Shrike
  6. Asian Paradise Flycatcher 
  7. Lineated Barbet (4)
  8. Banded Woodpecker
  9. Sunda Woodpecker
  10. White throated Kingfisher
  11. Dollar bird
  12. Hill Myna
November 3, 2013 - Birds of Bidadari 

Save Bidadari's bird haven: Nature Society. (2013, November 3). The Sunday Times, Top News, pg 12
Save our Albizia trees.[website] Bird Ecology Study Group

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