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Po Kim Soon (Bukit Brown)

Po Kim Soon was in the Board of Directors and was the Assistant Manager of Guan Kiat & Co. Limited, a limited company established in 1917 with Mr. Tay Guan Kiat as Chairman and Managing Director of the Company. The company with its office in 26, Phillip Streets deals with numerous trading activities. He was in Soon Teck & Co of No. 127 Market Street.

Po Kim Soon 


Po Kim Soon of Soon Teck & Co passed away on September 18, 1928 at the age of 46 at his residence in No. 195 East Coast Road, (7 1/4 mile). He is survived by his widow, 7 sons ( Po Guan Cheng, Po Guan Chwee, Guan Hock, Guan Pit, Po Guan Ho, Po Guan Yam, Po Guan Tee) and 4 daughters ( Po Tin Neo (Madam Lim Chwee Guan), Po Bee Neo, Po Chit Neo and Po Chwee Neo ), 1 son-in-law, 1 grandson and grand daughter.

Mrs Po Kim Soon ( Madam Low Song Neo ) passed away on January 23, 1954 at the age of 72 at her residence in No. 5 Pennefather Road. She is survived by her 7 sons, 4 son-in-laws ( Lim Chwee Guan, Chua Eck Chuan, Soh Yew Chye and Tuck Huck Bin )

Po Guan Hock
Po Guan Hock is a barrister in law and in 1946 appointed as Coroner.

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