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Miss Oh Twa Koh and Madam Wee Cheng Neo (Bukit Brown)

If you happen to be in Bukit Brown, Hill 4 Division A, you will come across 2 unique tomb with sikh guards side by side. They belong to Miss Oh Twa Koh and her daughter-in-law, Madam Wee Cheng Neo. If you look closely at Madam Wee's tomb, her tomb is one of the rare tomb's with her ceramic picture in color, a rarity for a tomb during 1936 period.

Madam Wee Cheng Neo alias Nonek
Madam Wee Cheng Neo alias Nonek
Madam Wee Cheng Neo alias Nonek, the wife of Mr Oh Wee Poh passed away at the age of 39 leaving behind 3 sons and 2 daughters on December 7,1936 at her residence in 149 Onan Road. Her husband is therefore the adopted son of Miss Oh Twa Koh. She passed away earlier than her mother-in-law. 
On her tomb are listed: 
Sons: Oh Boo Eng, Oh Boo Teck, Oh Boo Tat
Daughters: Lily Oh, Elsie Oh  
Tomb of  Madam  Wee Cheng Neo alias Nonek

Sikh guards of Nonek
Miss Oh Twa Koh alias Miss Mah Ang Chew alias Oh Ang Tew
Miss Oh Twa Koh alias Miss Mah Ang Chew alias Oh Ang Tew passed away peacefully on December 26, 1939 at the age of 77 at 153 Onan Road. One of Miss Oh Twa Koh adopted son married Madam Wee Cheng Neo.
She is survived by:
3 adopted sons : Mr Oh Wee Poh of Sam Hup Teng Kee, Puloe Samboe, Messrs. Oh Wee Seng, Oh Wee Moh of Harper, Gilfillan and Co.Ltd, Singapore.
1 adopted daughter: Lim Nia Chee ( Mrs. Tan Choon Tiam)
3 daughters-in-law, 1 son-in-law, and many grandchildren.

Tomb of Miss Oh Twa Koh 
Miss Oh Twa Koh
Sikh guards of Miss Oh Wee Poh 
Mr.Oh Wee Poh used to be in the employment of Imperial Chemicals,Industries (Malaya) Ltd as a clerk or bill collector up to 1931. After that he was listed as with Sam Hup Teng Kee, Puloe Samboe. Puloe /Pulau Samboe was a Dutch control island off Singapore (close to Batam) set-up as an oil storage facility and for ship berthing.
Mother-in-law and daughter
151 and 153 Onan Road
(source: PictureSG)

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