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Lee Liang Hoon (Bukit Brown)

What caught my attention was the inverted heart shaped marble headstone (or tear drop shape stone) of a baby boy by the name of Lee Liang Hoon who was the fourth son of Dr & Mrs. Lee Lian Hoe. Baby Lee Liang Hoon was born on March 1929 and passed away on February 1931. He was barely 2 years old when he passed away. Another important observation was that although this simple tomb is located high up on Hill 3, someone obviously made the difficult trip up hill and paid respects during Qing Ming. I decided to research further.

Lee Liang Hoon,  barely 2 years old when he passed away in 1929
996 [plot no]
In loving memory of
Lee Liang Hoon 
Beloved Fourth Son of Dr. & Mrs Lee Lian Hoe
Born: 16th March 1929
Died: 1st February 1931

Father, a field doctor during the 1915 Singapore Mutiny 
His father, Lee Lian Hoe was a student at St Joseph's and did well in his Cambridge Local exams to study medicine. He was also in the Straits Voluntary Corps and in 1915 during the Singapore Mutiny were native Indian soldiers of the 5th Light Infantry revolted against their British masters and killed more than 40 British officers, European and local residents before the revolt was finally quelled. Corporal Lee Lian Hoe was part of the Singapore Field Ambulance Company that rendered assistance during the Mutiny. 
Lee Lian Hoe and his company
Doctor and Sportsman
Lee Lian Hoe graduated from King Edward VII Medical school in 1916. Dr. Lee Lian Hoe was a secretary of the Chinese Recreational Club in 1917 and played billards competitively. 

Lee Liang Hoe's siblings

Brother: Lee Liang Hye
Mr. Lee Liang Hye, third son of Dr and Mrs Lee Lian Hoe got engaged to Miss Tan Poey Kim, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Tan Chong Gark on February 3, 1954. Tan Chong Gark is one of Mr and Mrs Tan Kheam Hock's children. Lee Liang Hye became a Collector of Land Revenue, after being appointed by the Yang Di-pertuan Negera in 1963.

Mrs Lee nee Tan Poey Kim passed away at the age of 81 on January 6, 2003. She is survived by her husband, Mr. Lee Liang Hye, sons: Dennis Ong Chin Lock, Richard Lee Kim Guan, Vincent Lee Kim San and 1 daughter-in-law: Lucy Teo Pheik Hia;  daughter: Rosemarie Lee Mei Hua and son-in-law; David Warnock and grandchildren. Listed in the obituary are also Madam Tan Poey Kim's brothers: Tan Huck Eng, Tan Huck Chye (deceased). Sister-in-law: Gan Leng Neo, Tso Huei Na. Sister: Tan Poey Imm.

Mr. Lee Liang Hye passed away at the age of 83 on September 4, 2007.

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According to Lee Liang Hye, his father, Lee Lian Hoe was a student of Raffles Institution and not St. Joseph's.
Source: National Archives Interview with Lee Liang Hye.