Tan Lian Boh (Bukit Brown)

Tan Lian Boh (also known as Tan Cha Boh , 陳連畝) was the son of the late Mr Tan Tye, a native from Amoy, China. Mr Tan Tye came to Singapore in the the 1860's and established himself as a timber merchant and pineapple packer in River Valley. When Tan Tye passed away, his two sons, Tan Lian Boh and Tan Lian Chye alias Tan Chor Lam, sold the timber business and focused on the pineapple packing business and leased the lands in Sembawang Road. The pineapples grown are then send to Tan Lian Boh's factory. It was said that as many as 6000 pineapples are send everyday from the fields to his factory to be processed (clean, cut) and canned. The can pineapples are either sold locally or exported to places like London, United States, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 
Tan Tye (father of Tan Liah Boh and Tan Lian Chye)
Annual output is said to be 60,000 cases in all containing some 3 million pineapples ! The senior managing partner of this factory called Hin Choon & Co is of course Tan Lian Boh. He was a member of the Straits Chinese British Subjects' Association and president of the Teong Hong Koh Association, a kind of mutual support club for widows and families of deceased members.
Hin Choon & Co at Sembawang Road 
Istana Brand can pineapples of Tan Tye & Sons
Hin Choon & Co, Squirrel Brand
Tan Liah Boh's pineapple factory (circa 1906)
source: a2o
Located in Hill 2 Division D, plot no 209 , Mr Tan Lian Boh (also known as Tan Cha Boh) passed away on January 23, 1927 age 46. His tomb no longer exist as he was already exhumed.
Tomb of Tan Lian Boh
His brother, Tan Lian Chye alias Tan Chor Lam was the first President of the Tung Meng Hui and his buried in Bukit Brown. 
Tan Lian Chye alias Tan Chor Lam 
Mr. Tan Tye died on July 22, 1898 leaving behind an extensive property and complex will.
Mr Tan Tye (source: a2o)
Mrs Tan Tye passed away in November 1918 and her remains was moved from her residence in No 328 Beach Road to Toa Payoh Cemetery on November 24, 1918.
Mrs Tan Tye 
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