Sunday, November 09, 2014

Birdwatching in Bidadari ( November 9, 2014)

Found time to visit Bidadari today. All around i can make out signs of development starting to envelop the whole place. The Christian portion of Bidadari has already been hoarded, from as far as i can see. I didn't spend the entire morning here as i had other plans for the day but nevertheless was happy to capture some nature shots from this short visit.

Variable Squirrel 
Tiger Shrike

Tiger Shrike 
Jacaranda flowers 
Albizia trees grows very fast on disturbed or wastelands and are seen as a "poor mother nature's" alternative to forested trees that take many decades to mature. However the problem with Albizia trees are their branches are prone to breakage and shallow roots make the tree prone to collapse especially during heavy torrential rains. This factors deemed this trees unsuitable for curated parks but this very trees attract the birds as its softwood harbors pulpa and other grubs.

Dead Albizia trunk

Close up of the dead Albizia trunk 

Moss on Albizia tree 

While exploring Bidadari i came across more Malay Muslim headstone underneath a tree reminding bird watchers and nature lovers that this place was once a cemetery.

Batam Brick (lining the drainage) 

Sarong cloth left behind by ? 

Goodbye Bidadari 

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