Lim Pang Kiat (Bukit Brown)

To all concerned - Chinese found Dead near Godown was the headline of the article dated Tuesday, January 19, 1937. The article went on to reveal a well dressed Chinese man was found dead by a godown in Prince Edward Road on Sunday night. In his pocket was a letter addressed, "To all concerned" and near him was a bottle with dark liquid in it. The contents of the letter and liquid was not mentioned and remains a mystery.

The person was later identified as Lim Pang Kiat, a clerk with British American Tobacco Company. The article described him as being worried since the beginning of the year and was given 1 week leave from work. On Sunday, 4 pm he was last seen leaving to visit the dispensary.

Tomb of Lim Pang Kiat

Lim Pang Kiat passed away at the age of 29 on January 17, 1937. On his tomb is listed the name of his son, Lim Peng Huat and a daughter. He is buried in Bukit Brown, Hill 4 Division A.

To all concerned. (1937, January 19). The Singapore Free Press



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