Lim Lian Quee (Bukit Brown)

More commonly known to the Bukit Brown volunteers as the "Triple Tomb of Lim", this beautiful and ornate triple tomb bears the headstones of Madam Ong Thiam Neo, his son Lim Lian Quee (林连贵) and his wife.  Lim Lian Quee's family was from Zhao'an county, Fujian. Born in Singapore in 1891, Lim Lian Quee received initially a Chinese education, before studying in Raffles Institution. As his father passed away when he was still studying, he left school and found work in the Public Works Department. Subsequently, he founded a motorcar firm and worked there as the general manager and expanded his business into rubber.

Lim Lian Quee (林连贵)
Chong Nam School
Lim Lian Quee was one of the key pioneers who help fund Chong Nam school and played a leading role in raising funds for the school. He was President of the school's board for many years. In addition, he contributed to many philantropic causes such as schools, hospitals, Geylang Fire Relief fund and China Famine Fund, Malayan Flood Relief Fund. Lim Lian Quee was the first president of Chinese Friendly Association in 1924 which was held at his residence in 104-B Balestier Road.

Madam Ong Thiam Neo

Triple tomb of Lim 
Lim Lian Quee's tomb erected in 1927
Mr.Lim Lian Quee passed away on 1967 at the age of 76 is buried in Bukit Brown. His ashes was interred beside his mother's tomb in April 16, 1967.

Mother: Ong Thiam Neo
Madam Ong Thiam Neo passed away at the age of 66 on July 16, 1926 at her son's residence in No 104-B Balestier Road. She leaves behind two sons, Lim Chwee Pheow and Lim Lian Quee, 2 daughter-in-laws, 9 grandchildren to mourn her loss. Her burial took place on July 25, 1926.
The names listed on the tomb included: sons: Lim Chwee Pheow, Lim Lian Quee. Grandsons: Lim Teck Seng, Lim Teck Kee. Grand daughters: Lim Chye Hiang, Lim Cheng Hiang, Lim Lai Hiang, Lim Swee Hiang, Lim Bee Hiang

Wife: Madam Wee Kim Chee
Mrs Lim Lian Quee nee Wee Kim Chee passed away in October 7, 1979 at the age of 90, leaving behind sons, Lim Teck Seng, Lim Teck Kee and Lim Teck Ann, daughters; Lim Cheng Hiang, Lim Hoon Hiang, 4 daughter-in laws (Wee Lian Kee, Woo Kah Yee, Low Geok Choo, Tey Ah En), 1 son-in-law (Charlie Teo Chin Huat) , 17 grandchildren, 4 grand daughters-in-law, one grandson-in-law, 4 great grandsons. The cortege left 17B Block 28 Marine Crescent for Mt Vernon. Madam Wee Kim Chee is not buried in Bukit Brown.

Mrs Lim Lian Quee
Ornate features of the Triple tomb
Will find time to write more about the ornate elements of this tomb in another article.

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[article amended on 4th March 2015 as there was confusion between another Lim Liang Quee of Lianquee Trading who passed away in July 1935 at his residence in No. 6 Hullet Road and was buried in Bidadari Cemetery. Lim Lian Quee was survived by 2 sons, 6 daughters, 1 son-in-law, 4 daughter in law and 5 grandsons.

My original article mentioned that Lim Lian Quee was the proprietor of Lianquee Trading Co. may have led to this confusion.]

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  1. Hi. I'm curious. My great-grandfather was Lim Lian Quee and he also had a rubber trading company called LianQuee trading - but this seems to be two different people.

  2. Dear Yau Chiam.

    Indeed different people. Names of their children were different (e.g Lim Siew Jin) and the one passed away in 1935 and buried in Bidadari. The one i wrote about passed away in 1967 and ashes were interned in Bkt Brown. The names of the children are different as well. (Lim Teck Seng,Lim Teck Kee)

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  4. Lim Siew Jin below,chan,siew&oref=article


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