Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birdwatching in Bidadari - Local residents ( December 2014)

This is the continuation article of my previous on Birding in Bidadari for the month of December. Bidadari plays home to not only migrant birds but also beautiful resident birds. Below are some of the ones i manage to capture a shot of so far. The list not exhaustive of course, but birding is such, sometimes you can spot many birds and other times, you make do with what that comes your way.

I will continue adding pictures of my other sightings in future December visits if any. 

Lesser Flameback Woodpecker (Female) in Bidadari
Lesser Flameback Woodpecker (Female)
Lesser Flameback Woodpecker (Female) in Bidadari
Lesser Flameback Woodpecker (Female) 

Hill Myna
Hill Myna 
Dollar Bird 

Koel (Male)
Koel (Female)

Spotted Dove

Lineated Barbat

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