Lim Peng Siang and family (Bukit Brown)

Mr Lim Peng Siang was born in Amoy 1872 and is the son of Mr. Lim Ho Phuah. He came to Singapore when he was very young and studied via a private tutor but also managed a year in St. Joseph's Institution before joining his father at Wee Bin & Co. Very much like his father, he eventually made it on his own and became the proprietor of Ho Hong Co. or Enterprise in 1904 and reinvested is wealth in expanding to many other companies such as Ho Hong Oil Mills, Ho Hong Bank and Ho Hong Line of Steamers, Ho Hong Soap Factory, Ho Hong Portland Cement Company and The Asphalt Paving Company which are industries that help in the development of Singapore as a British Colony.

Lim Peng Siang was in the Chinese Advisory Board , Committee member of E Hoe Hean Club , Member of the Singapore Harbour Board,  President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and he has contributed to various causes such as St.Andrew's Hospital For Women & Children, Halifax Relief Fund, King Edward Memorial Fund and Singapore Chinese Aircraft Fund.

Lim Peng Siang 

Lim Ho Puah (father) and Lim Peng Siang 

Lim Peng Siang, J.P. passed away at the age of 73 at his residence, "Bintang House", 243 Havelock Road on March 21, 2604 (1944). He is survived by his wife, 8 sons: Lim Seow Kiew, Lim Seow Eng, Lim Seow Chong, Lim Seow Leong, Lim Seow Chuan, Lim Seow Peng, Lim Seow Beng and Lim Seow Khoon, 5 daughters ( Mrs. Chua Cheow Teck, Mrs. Chia Poh Koon, Mrs. Tay Hwa Choon, Mrs. Teo Thian Lye and Miss Lim Siew Chwee ), 6 daughters-in-law and several grandsons and grand daughters to morn his lost. He was buried in Bukit Brown but was later exhumed and remains shipped to China. His wife, Madam Wee Guat Choo Neo is buried in Bukit Brown.

Father: Lim Ho Puah  / Lim Hoa Puah
Lim Ho Puah was born in Amoy in 1841 and joined Wee Bin & Co. He worked hard as an employee and won the attention of Mr. Wee Bin and eventually became his son-in-law.  Lim Ho Puah, JP. rose to become a Senior Partner of Messrs. Wee Bin & Co. a prominent company which at its height owned a rice mill and 30 steamers and many other business. He was a member of the Chinese Advisory Board and the Po Leung Kuk. Lim Ho Puah passed away on February 10, 1914 at the age of 74. He is survived by 11 sons and 4 daughters. His remains were shipped back to China. Probate of the will went to his two sons; Lim Peng Siang and Lim Peng Mau.

Brother: Lim Peng Mau / Lim Peng Mao

Lim Peng Mau passed away at the age of 80 on July 6, 1960 leaving behind his wife, 5 sons, 5 daughter, 5 son-in-laws, 5 daughter-in-laws and 51 grandchildren. The cortege left from 5 Amber Road for the Buddhist Cemetery, 16 ½ milestone Choa Chu Kang.

Brother: Lim Peng Chin
Lim Peng Chin name was mentioned in an incident when during a funeral procession of his father, Lim Ho Phuah to be sent on board the ship Hong Moh, there was a heavy shower. During the scramble to prevent the valuable coverings, banners and flag from getting wet, the decorated silk coffin cover said to be worth $200 went missing. A man said to be in possession of the pawn ticket of the silk cover approached Lim Peng Chin for money to recover it. The long story short, the man was charged for dishonestly holding stolen property. Lim Peng Chin died in 1936 and is buried in Bukit Brown.
Lim Peng Chin
Wife: Lee Bay Neo
Lee Bay Neo sued Lim Peng Siang in 1932 for $70,000 and a monthly maintenance of $700. At the time she was 58 years and has been married to Lim Peng Siang with the full first wife rights and ceremonies in China 41 years ago. Her opium addiction cost her $400 a month and it was revealed that she went on a pleasure cruise /tour in China and spent over $80,000 in 6 months ! In 1928, Lim Peng Siang reduced her maintenance from $1,000 to $200 owning to his financial situation.

Wife: Wee Guat Choo Neo
Madam Wee Guat Choo is the daughter of Wee Boon Teck and granddaughter of Wee Bin. Madam Wee Guat Choo Neo passed away on September 28, 1950 at the age of 77 at her residence, 11 Palm Road, Siglap on September 28, 1950. She is survived by: 6 sons: Lim Seow Kiew, Lim Seow Eng, Lim Seow Chuan, Lim Seok Hock, Lim Seow Peng and Lim Seow Beng. 3 daughters:  Lim Siew Leng (Mrs Chua Chow Teck), Lim Siew Khim (Mrs Chia Poh Koon) Lim Siew Kheng (Mrs Teo Thian Lye). She is buried in Bukit Brown.
Wee Guat Choo Neo 
Wee Guat Choo Neo's tomb in Bukit Brown
Daughter: Miss Lim Siew Kim Neo
Miss Lim Siew Kim Neo passed away at the age of 16 at Neil Road on January 11, 1912. She was buried in Alexandra Road cemetery.

Daughter: Miss Lim Siew Leng (nee Madam Chua Chow Teck )
Miss Lim Siew Leng, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Lim Peng Siang married Dr Chua Chow Teck (youngest brother of Mr Chua Keh Hai) on November 27, 1931.

Daughter: Miss Lim Siew Khim
Miss Lim Siew Khim married Chia Poh Koon, son of Mr. Chia Thiam Hock  (proprietor of chop Hiap Thai Chiang) in September 1937.

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