Monday, December 21, 2015

Birdwatching in Bidadari (November 29, 2015)

November continues to be a great month in terms of birdwatching for me, getting to see so many beautiful  migratory birds. This month was good month with the sighting of the Ruddy Kingfisher which brought many bird watchers and photographers down. The birds i sighted on November 29:
  1. Ruddy Kingfisher
  2. Indian Cuckoo 

Ruddy Kingfisher in Bidadari
Ruddy Kingfisher

Indian Cuckoo in Bidadari
Indian Cuckoo

Indian Cuckoo in Bidadari
Indian Cuckoo

Indian Cuckoo in Bidadari
Indian Cuckoo

Walking the grounds of Bidadari, i am constantly reminded of the space it used to be with remnants of a Muslim Cemetery scattered throughout its grounds. The ones below include a marble headstone of aperson who passed away in 19 December 1957, a wooden board with Jawi inscription and a tomb number marker placed on a Tembusu tree. A space transformed from a place for the dead (1910-1972) to a birdwatchers haven (2006-current) and finally housing. Spaces are constantly transforming and spaces for nature are usually the first ones to be sacrificed to make way for the projected increase in population and the thirst for spaces for housing and commerce.

So, appreciate what we have now before it eventually disappears in fast paced and every evolving Singapore.    

Marble headstone

Wooden board with Jawi inscription 

Tombstone number marker

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