Loo Boon Kwee and family (Greater Bukit Brown)

Loo Boon Kwee passed away at the age of 53 on 17th June 1954 at 150-P, East Coast Road, Singapore, leaving behind 1 son, 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 3 grandchildren. From the tomb, we know that the name of his son is Loo Teck Hai and his 2 daughters are Nancy Loo and Lucy Loo. The tomb is located at the boundaries between Bukit Brown Municipal Cemetery and Toa Payoh Cemetery. What is also an interesting insight is from a Singapore Free Press article dated 18th June 1954, the funeral of Loo Boon Kwee was to be held at the Buddhist Burial Ground, Bidadari. In short, from the discovery below, Loo Boon Kwee resting place was not at Bidadari as reported in the papers of that time. How the location was changed to the Hokkien Cemetery adjacent to Bukit Brown remains a mystery, but from the simple all English tomb of Loo Boon Kwee reveals an interesting story of a Straits Chinese pioneer who helped spread Theravada Buddhism among the Straits Chinese Community.
Loo Boon Kwee's tomb in Greater Bukit Brown 

Papers mention Buddhist Burial Ground, Bidadari
(source: NewspaperSG)

A Pioneer of Mangala Vihara (Theravada Buddhism)

It is from an article from the Peranakan Magazine, Issue 1, 2007 titled "Buddhist Legacy of a Grand Nyonya" by Cynthia Wee-Hoefer, i got to know that other than Madam Chew Quee Neo (benefactor of the temple of Mangala Vihara in Eunos),  Wee Tin Guan (father of the author of the article), Loo Boon Kwee and Tan Seng Chye (a Straits Chinese from Penang residing in Singapore) were mentioned to be the Straits Chinese pioneers in helping spread this form of Buddhism that started with the local Sinhalese Community under the spiritual guidance of Monk MM Mahaweera. This corresponds with newspaper articles in 1948, where Wee Tin Guan was instrumental in helping translate Sinhalese text into Malay and Loo Boon Kwee and Wee Tin Guan assisted in the Sunday Classes.
(source: NewspaperSG) 

(source: The Peranakan) 


Grandmother: Mrs. Loo Tian nee Cheong Pin Neo
Mrs. Loo Tian nee Cheong Pin Neo passed away at the age of 68 on 4th May 1936 at 150-P, East Coast Road. She is survived by her brother, Mr. Cheong Swee Teck and a grandson, Loo Boon Kwee. Mrs. Loo Tian is buried in Bukit Brown.(Block 3 Section C, plot 368)

Wife: Soh Wee Neo alias Nya Nya
Mrs. Loo Boon Kwee nee Soh Wee Neo (alias Nya Nya) passed away on 5th July 1941. She leaves behind her husband, 2 daughters, 1 son. Funeral from 150-P East Coast Road to Bukit Brown on July 6, 1941. In the burial registrar she was listed as 38 years of age and is buried in Block 5, Section A, plot 142

Son: Loo Teck Hai 
Loo Teck Hai (the only son of the late Mr and Mrs. Loo Boon Kwee) married Lucy Lee (the youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Lee Eng Khoon on 1st January 1958.

Daughter: Lucy Loo
Lucy Loo (youngest daughter of Mr Loo Boon Kwee and the late Mrs Loo Boon Kwee) married Mr. Wee Choon Lim (youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs Wee Koon Poey). The marriage took place at 72 Emerald Hill Road on 15th September 1943.

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Location of tomb 

Loo Boon Kwee tomb is located from a path along Hill 3 Division C that forks to a dirt track that leads to Gymkhana. Right at the start of that path is a tombkeepers hut. Its on this part of this hill colloquially known as "Gelong Pah 黎弄吧. Other tombs nearby:

Loo Boon Kwee tomb in 2022

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