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Ang Seah Im and family (Bukit Brown)

Ang Seah Im was a contractor and property owner. He was involved also in rubber plantations in Johor and tin mining business in Kajang Kemaman,Terengganu. Ang Seah Im for a period of time collected rents from Clyde Terrace and Rochore market has lease holder. Ang Seah Imm became a British naturalised subject in 1909 . He was on the Board of Visitors to St. John's Island Quarantine Station in 1912. On 17 Jun 1914, Ang Seah Im was one the chinese leaders present in the sending off the then Governor of Straits Settlement Sir Arthur Young. Ang Seah Imm donated $100 to the St. Joseph Institution new verandah (1910), Chong Nam School (1926). From his tomb we can make out Ang Seah Im ancestry can be traced to Tong Ann, Fujian.

In a public examination at the Bankruptcy Court in 1922, i gathered that Ang Seah Im had 2 wives and 11 children. He was declared a bankrupt before in 1914 (not sure when he was discharged).  His property and business includes a house in Trengganu and mining business. His son, Ang Hock Seng at the age of 16 was a contractor in Muar and return to Singapore at the age of 20 with money and experience enter into partnership with the Malays in Terengganu in the mining business. It was this court proceedings, you can get insights to Ang Seah Im revenue as well. In 1919, he made $50,000, 1920, $37,000, 1921, $10,000. His expenditure was claimed to be $10,000 a year. Ang Seah Im also declared that during that period, he had purchased land worth $135,000 mortgaging it for $80,000. Ang Seah Im got into trouble in 1921 when he was charged with criminal breach of trust for the amount of $15,573.88 belonging to the Rice Distribution Board. Fortunately restitution was made. Even after his death, i read a 1936 article where the Official Assignee was still managing the issue of dividends to the creditors of the late Mr. Ang Seah Im.

Ang Seah Im and Madam Cheong Chwee Sim

Ang Seah Im passed away on 12 July 1927, age 57. His wife, Madam Cheong Chwee Sim, passed away on 21 June 1944, age 66. The tomb can be found in Hill 1 Division B, plot 277.
Son: Ang Hock Seng, Ang Kim Swee, Ang Chwee Choo, Ang Chwee Huat, Ang Chwee Koom. Ang Kim Sye, Ang Kim Seng, Ang Chiow Lim.
Daughter: Ang Cheng Kim, Ang Cheng Suan, Ang Chiew Bee, Ang Cheng Gin, Ang Cheng Poh
Grandsons: Ang Thiang Seng, Ang Thiang Teck, Ang Thiang Tiong, Ang Thiang Tee, Ang Thiong Eng, Ang Thiang Wah, Ang Thiang Yong, Ang Boon San, Ang Book Kiat, Ang Boon Chye, Ang Thian Bee.
Grand-daughter: Ang Ah Eng

The Beginnings of Seah Im Road

In the minutes of  meeting for the Municipal Commission on 13th December, 1907, The President (Mr. E. G Broadrick) approved the plans of Messrs. Swan & MacLaren of the proposed new private road to be constructed by Mr. Ang Seah Im through his private property off Telok Blangah. In my search through the archives, i managed to find the plan submitted by Messrs. Swan & MacLaren and also noted from other archived plans, it was a reserved road in Ang Seah Im private estate in which in later years became Seah Im Road.
Approval from Municipal Commission for private road to be
constructed by Ang Seah Im through his property

Building plan of the new road for Ang Seah Im 

While researching the story of Ang Seah Im, i found many building plans that can be traced to Ang Seah Im. They are either bungalows, dwelling houses or shophouses commissioned by him and building plans drawn by various architects that were planned and built on the private road of Ang Seah Im (then called reserved road) or around Telok Blangah area.

One of Ang Seah Im's Bungalow at Seah Im Road (source: Archives Online, NAS)

Shophouse for Towkay Ang Seah Im (source: Archives Online, NAS)


Ang Hock Seng
Ang Hock Seng managed chop Teck Seng in which his father was the manager. The registered company was Chop Teck Seng, 25 China Street. Both of them owned land in Mount Washington. (Ang Seah Im later sold it to Messrs Alkaff at $2,000 per acre. Ang Hock Seng also managed the Rice Distribution Board on behalf of Ang Seah Im at Telok Blangah area.

Ang Kim Swee
I don't have much information about Ang Kim Swee, but there was an article dated 24 January 1930 where Ang Kim Swee was witness to the mutual consent dissolving of partnership of Chop Teck Siang Hung (wine and spirits merchants ) operated by Madam Cheong Chwee Sim Neo, (wife of Ang Seah Im), Lee Gek Poh and Ng Teck Gam. The reason was because Madam Cheong Chwee Sim was retiring.

Ang Kim Sye
Engagement notice  on 15th October 1936 was announced between Mr. Ang Kim Sye (of the Bankruptcy Office and the 6th son of the late Mr. Ang Seah Im and Miss Cheong Keong Tee ( 2nd daughter of the late Mr. Cheong Koon Seng and Mrs. Cheong Koon Seng)
Tomb of Ang Seah Im and Madam Cheong Chwee Sim 

Ang Seah Im 

Madam Cheong Chwee Sim

Marble stone with family information 

[research on-going] 

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