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Madam Tan Loon Neo and family (Bukit Brown)

The tomb of Madam Tan Loon Neo / Tan Non Neo  includes marble slabs where her name and her husband was etched together with the names of her children allowing for ease of identification.  From the newspaper obituary notice, Madam Tan Non Neo passed away at her residence in No 440, Pasir Panjang Road on May 4, 1931. She leaves behind her husband, Mr. Ong Kim Tiang, 2 sons and 3 daughters.  She is buried in Hill 3 B, plot 616. Her age listed in the Bukit Brown Burial Registrar was 37 years of age. She is the daughter of Tan Hup Swee. From the marble slab of her tomb, more information can be gathered (especially the names of the children). In loving memory of Tan Loon Neo otherwise known as Non, died May 4th 1931, most beloved wife on Ong Kim Tiang.
Tan Loon Neo
In the tombstone, only 2 sons and 2 daughters name are mentioned,
Sons: Ong Hoa Hoon, Teo Chit Hoa,
Daughters: Tan Hoo Kin Neo, Ong Buang Neo

Name of children

She is gone but not forgotten
Never shall her memory fade
Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger
Round the grave where she is laid

Madam Tan Loon Neo


Mother: Mrs. Tan Hup Swee nee Lim Wah Neo
Mrs. Tan Hup Swee nee Lim Wah Neo passed away at the age of 72 at 158 Emerald Road on 18th October, 1943. She is survived by 1 son (Tan Hin Loo) , several daughters (Tan Bong Neo), 2 sons-in-law (Ong Kim Tiang, Teo Hoe Kang), many grandchildren, 2 grandsons-in-law (Kho Lian Hock and Huang Chee He), 1 grand daughter-in-law and many great grandchildren. Mrs Tan Hup Swee is buried in Bukit Brown. The tomb has names 2 grand-daughters (Tan Oo Kin,Chua Kim Neo).
Mrs Tan Hup Swee nee Lim Wah Neo

Husband: Ong Kim Tiang, M.B.E
Ong Kim Tiang joined the General Clerical Service in 1902 as a clerk in the Analyst's Department. He then join the Colonial Secretary Office in 1920, becoming second office assistant in 1926 and office assistant in 1930. He retired from service in end 1938. He received his Member of the British Empire in 1939. He was also the Vice-President of the Singapore Government Servants' Co-operative Thrift and Loan Society.  I could not find the obituary notice of Mr. Ong Kim Tiang, but notices put the estate of the late Ong Kim Tiang for auction in 1957 indicates that he very likely had passed away in the 1950's.

Son: Ong Hoa Hoon
The engagement was announced in 13 March 1941 between Ong Hoa Hoon ( elder son of Mr. Ong Kim Tiang the late Mrs. Ong Kim Tiang) and Miss Chan Koon Neo (elder daughter of Mr and Mrs. Chan Kok Seng).

Ong Hoa Hoon, Private, 2nd Battalion, Straits Settlements Volunteer Force was killed (either in action or as result of Sook Ching ) after the fall of Singapore on 21st February 1942 and his name is etched on Column 396  at Kranji War Memorial.

Daughter: Tan Hoo Kin Neo / Tan Oo Kin Neo
The engagement was announced on 17th September 1934 between Mr. Kho Lian Hock, (4th son of the late Mr. Kho Keng Chuan and Mrs. Kho Keng Chuan) and Tan Oo Kin Neo /Miss Ong (eldest daughter of Mr. Ong Kim Tiang and the late Mrs. Ong Kim Tiang.

Daughter: Ong Buang Neo / Ong Buan Neo / Mrs Lauw Kim Guan
On March 7, 1944 the engagement notice of Mr. Lauw Kim Guan (eldest son of Mr and Mrs. Lauw Hong Keng, grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs Tan Cheng Tuan) and Miss Ong Buan Neo (younger daughter of Mr. Ong Kim Tiang and the late Mrs. Ong Kim Tiang, granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Tan Hup Swee). Mrs Lauw Kim Guan nee Ong Buan Neo, Rosalind passed away at age of 63 on 1st December 1983. She is survived by her husband, Lauw Kim Guan, sons; Julian Lauw and Jeremy Lauw, daughters-in-law, Patricia and Sarah, grandchildren, Edwin Lauw, Edlyn Lauw and Edwina Lauw.

Mrs Lauw Kim Guan nee Ong Buan Neo 

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