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Ho Siu Choon (Peck San Theng Cemetery)

Ho Siu Choon / Ho Siew Choon is a merchant and the third son of Mr. Ho Siak Kuan. Ho Siew Choon / Ho Siu Choon (third son of Mr. Ho Siak Kuan, of the Chinese Protectorate) got married to Miss San Oi Leng (daughter of Mr. San A. Weng of Kuala Lumpur)on 16 January 1916  at No. 34 Neil Road. Ho Su Choon passed away on 21 December 1927 at No. 2 Blair Road. He leaves behind a widow and 5 children. He is buried in Peck San Teng Cemetery, Thomson Road.  Mrs. Ho Siew Choon nee San Oi Ling passed away on 15th September 1935 at 47 Tras Street. She is the daughter of Mr. San Ah Weng of Kuala Lumpur. The deceased is survived by 3 sons and 2 daughters. The burial is at Peck Shan Teng (Cantonese) Cemetery, Thomson Road.

Tomb cluster of Ho Siu Choon at Peck San Teng
(photo courtesy of Pauline Bertrand) 

From the family tree of Ho Siak Kuan, Ho Siu Choon is survived by:
Sons: Ho Yuen, Ho Chak, Ho Hong
Daughters: Ho Lai Kuen, Ho Lai Wan

Variant names: Ho Siu Choon /Ho Siew Choon

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