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Dr. Ho Siu Khan and family (Bukit Brown)

Dr. Ho Siu Khan / Dr. Ho Siew Khan, J.P. (1882-1958) was a Justice of Peace from 1927 until he resigned in 1940. He was also one of the Directors of the Lee Wah Bank (the Chairman of Lee Wah Bank was Eu Tong Seng, O.B.E). He is the son of Ho Siak Kuan, M.B.E, C.H.,  Assistant Secretary of Chinese Affairs. Dr. Ho Siu Khan also held several appointments such as Board of Visitors to St. John Island, Social Hygiene Advisory Board, Cantonese Labour Syndicate (providing labour for the Singapore Harbour Board at Tanjong Pagar), Board of Trustee for the Kwong Wai Siew Free Hospital in Serangoon Road. Dr. Ho Siu Khan passed away at the age of 76 at his residence, No. 43 Bournemouth Road on 13th April 1958 at 2:15pm.

Dr. Ho Siu Khan and family
Dr. Ho Siu Khan and family (photo courtesy of Pauline Bertrand)
                  From left (standing); Ho Lai Onn, Ho Lai Yong, Albert Ho (A.P. Ho), Dr. Ho Siu Khan, Ho Lai Yee 
                  From left (seated); Wife 2 (name unknown), Ho Keen, Madam Leong Chee Keng

From the family tree of Dr. Ho Siu Khan, I gathered that the names of his children are Ho Lai Yong, Albert Ho Pui, Ho Lai Onn, Ho Lai Yee, Ho Keen, Ho Lai Yuen


Wife 1: Leong Chee Keng / Leong Chi Keng
Madam Leong Chi Keng (wife of Dr. Ho Siu Khan) passed away at the age of 59 at her residence, No 43. Bournemouth Road, Katong on 7 June 1949. The cortege will leave her residence for Bidadari on 8th June.

Wife 3: Chan Choy Lan
Chan Choy Lan passed away on 27 January 2004 at the age of 93. She is survived by:
Son; Ho Keen, daughter-in-law; Lena Ho,
Daughter: Ho Lai Yuen (Bertrand) and Ho Lai Onn, son-in-law; Max Bertrand.

Wife 4: Tung Ah Noi
(No information available at point of publishing).

Madam Chan Choy Lan (photo courtesy of Pauline Bertrand)

Madam Chan Choy Lan
(source: NewspaperSG)

Son:Albert Ho / A.P. Ho /Ah Pui
The eldest son Albert Ho has passed away (no further information available at time of publish)

Daughter: Ho Lai Yong 
The eldest daughter, Madam Ho Lai Yong passed away at the age of 80 on 23th August 1988. She is survived by 3 dauhters;Mary Ng, Molly Ng, Jessie Ng and 3 sons-in-laws; Herbert Gong, Cheok Yew Oo and Cheang Wai Pun, 3 grandsons, 3 grand-daughters-in-law, 4 grand-daughters, 2 grand-sons-in-law, 6 great grandchildren to mourn her loss. 
Ho Lai Yong
Madam Ho Lai Yong 
Daughter: Ho Lai Onn
Second daughter, Ho Lai Onn has passed away. No further information available at time of published. 

Daughter: Ho Lai Yee
Engagement is announced on 22 May 1933 between Miss Ho Lai Yee ( third daughter of Dr. Ho Siu Khan, J.P and grand-daughter of Ho Saik Kuan, M.B.E. of Singapore) and Mr. Low Chin Seang (younger brother of Mr. Low Ah Moy). Madam Ho Lai Yee has passed away.

Son: Ho Keen
Ho Keen married Lena Ho. Ho Keen passed away at the age of 90 on 18 January 2009. His wife Lena Ho passed away in 2018.

Daughter: Ho Lai Yuen
Ho Lai Yuen married Max Bertrand.
Ho Lai Yuen and Max Bertrand (photo courtesy of Pauline Bertrand)

Bukit Brown connection
Dr. Ho Siu Khan and his father, Ho Siak Kuan were once buried in Bukit Brown but were exhumed because of the construction of the highway.
Tomb of Dr. Ho Siu Khan 

Ho Siak Kuan cluster at Bukit Brown (now gone)

[research on-going ]

Variant names: Dr. Ho Siu Khan / Dr. Ho Siew Khan /Dr. Ho Siu Kan

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