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Lim Chan Sin (Bukit Brown)

Lim Chan Sin is the son of Lim Teck Whee and grandson of Lim Liak (Lim Leack). Lim Chan Sin was a cashier for the Sandilands, Buttery & Co. Sandilands Buttery and Co. Ltd. was one of the earliest British trading firms that was founded by Scottish merchant adventurers George MacFarlane Sandilands and Francis Currie Lorrain, and originally named Lorrain Sandilands and established in Penang (1854–55) and subsequently in Singapore (1856). The firm’s name was changed to Sandilands Buttery when John Buttery of Glasgow, Scotland, became a partner.

Lim Chan Sin passed away on 9th May 1934 at the age of 63
Sons: Lim Lye Seng, Lim Ban Seng,Lim Peng Seng
Daughters: Lim Say Neo, Lim Chye Neo, Lim Kim Neo, Lim Kim Luan, Lim Poh Neo, Lim Choo Neo, Lim Cheng Tee Neo,
Grandson: Lim Hock Siew
Granddaughter: Lim Cheok Tee Neo

Lim Chan Sin
Lim Chan Sin

Wife: Khoo Yang Neo 
Lim Chan Sin married Khoo Yang Neo (sister of Khoo Seok Wan and daughter of Khoo Cheng Tiong). In the obituary notice of Madam Yeo Geok Keng (wife of the late Khoo Cheng Tiong) is the mother of Khoo Siok Wan alias Khoo Teck Hin, Khoo Teck Siong and Khoo It Sim and mother-in-law of Messrs. Lim Chan Sin, See Tiong Wah, M.C., J.P., Tay Boon Tat and Ong Keng Yong. 

Mother: Wee Watt Neo
Wee Watt Neo passed away at the age of 82 at 49, Tiong Bahru, off Sit Wah Road. She leaves behind 2 sons, Lim Chan Sin and Lim Chan Siew, 3 daughters,28 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. From, Wee Watt Neo's husband is Lim Teck Whee. (Lim Teck Whee is the son of Lim Liak)

Brother: Lim Chan Siew (林纘綬 )
Lim Chan Siew (林纘綬 ) is the son of Lim Teck Whee and grandson of Lim Liak (Lim Leack). Lim Chan Siew passed away at the age of 55 at his residence, No 196-2 Tiong Bahru Road on 23 July 1931. He is survived by his widow and 5 sons; Lim Chin Chye (alias Bachik), Lim Eng Chiang, Lim Ong Seng Lee (alias Charlie Ong), Lim Eng Hock and Lim Eng Chye (Harry); Daughter: Lim Teo Sek Neo
Grandson: Lim Bock Chwee, Daughter-in-law and 1 grandson. 
Location of tomb 
Lim Chan Sin is buried in Hill 3 Division C, plot 158

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