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Yeo Ban Keng (Bukit Brown)

Early records that i could trace of Yeo Ban Keng was that he was the joint proprietor of Messrs. Kim Hoe & Co. together with Seet Lian Saick. It was a Singapore firm which supply ships' stores from their office at 10, Boat Quay and since then have achieved considerable success as steamship agents, ships' chandlers, and Government contractors. Yeo Ban Keng went on to be the managing director of the Eastern Mining and Rubber Co. Ltd. Yeo Ban Keng was one of the founders of the Overseas Chinese Assurance Corporation together with the likes of Mr. Lim Nee Soon and S.Q Wong. Yeo Ban Keng served as director until the time of his death. 

Yeo Ban Keng

Yeo Ban Keng passed away at the age of 75 at his residence No 17 Kim Yam Road on 19th July 1936. He leaves behind 2 widowes, Madam Tan Kum Eng and Madam Tan Un Eng, 1 son; Yeo Chong Cheng, 3 daughters; Yeo Hoe Seok, Yeo Ho Lian and Yeo Ho Lwee, 3 sons-in-law; Messrs. Lim Thiam Ek, Wee Siang Gin and Tan Teck Huat, 1 daughter-in-law; Tan Koon Neo, 2 grandsons; Yeo Eng Peck and Robert Lim and 3 granddaughters; Nellie Yeo, Molly Yeo and Wee Gwek Neo. 

The executors of the late Yeo Ban Keng's estate were Tam Kum Eng and Yeo Chong Cheng 

Kim Yan Road and Property Purchases
Yeo Ban Keng was reported making a number of purchases in 1925 and 1930. The land houses include those in No 5 and No 7 Lermit Road, many houses along Pasir Panjang Road, freehold land at No 30 Kim Yam Road, known as "Annam Bank", 43 North Bridge Road Quay and 23 River Valley Road. 

Going through the old city map of Singapore, some interesting possible connections can be made from the former residence (last recorded residence based on obituary notice) of Yeo Ban Keng at No 17 Kim Yan Road as well as the location of "Annam Bank"of 30 Kim Yan Road. No 17 Kim Yan Road rings a bell and the location of the old map when compared to the latest map suggest that it the possible location of the Buddhist Lodge. (The Buddhist Lodge at Kim Yan Road). If anyone has confirmation of this, do drop a comment. 
No 17, 19 and 30 Kim Yan Road

Could this be No 17 Kim Yan Road and once former house of Yeo Ban Keng ?
(this photo when taken by Lee Kip Lin was the Buddhist Lodge (source: PictureSG) 

Location of tomb
The tomb of Yeo Ban Keng is located at Block 1 Section B, plot 198
Yeo Ban Keng
Tomb of Yeo Ban Keng at Bukit Brown

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