Pangolin road kill in Lornie Highway next to Bukit Brown

The bitter irony of it all is i have explored Bukit Brown for just over 10 years and have not seen a single pangolin in the wild in that area and yet i have seen photos and even videos of pangolin sightings in the wild at Bukit Brown throughout the years making me so envious.

Unfortunately today (11 July 2022) i managed to see a pangolin in the wild but the circumstances of it is totally opposite of what i wish for. Today i saw a dead pangolin, a victim of a road kill along Lornie Highway, 10 meters before bus stop 41169 - Before Kheam Hock Road. I shared the distressing images on social media and a friend gave me a contact to lodge the sitting too (which i did). 

I think this tragic incident should be shared as a reminder what Bukit Brown as a heritage park space represents. Because of its proximity to the Nature Reserves and diverse habitat, it has become home to such animals too. As a rich diverse space, it needs our protection as well from further destruction from development. 

Pangolin (road kill victim along Lornie Highway 

Pangolin (road kill victim along Lornie Highway)

If you spot an injured or dead pangolin you can try calling
NParks Animal Response Centre
Call 1800 476 1600 



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