Chia Khye Kak (Lao Sua)

Chia Khye Kak (born: November 1826 -27 February 1907) is the father of Chia Ong Tin and Chia Ong Cheng (refer to Singapore Tombstone Epigraphic Materials). In Raymond's blog he has translated all the names of his children;
Sons: Chia Ong Tin, Chia Ong Cheng
Daughters: Chia Hong Neo, Chia Luan Neo, Chia Swee Neo
Grandsons: Chia Beng Kiat, Chia Quee Eng, Chia Poh Choon, Chia Beng Soon, Chia Hock Chye, Chia Poh Hock.

From the tombstone, Chia Khye Kak was 81 years old when he passed away on 27 February 1907. 

Son:  Chia Ong Tin (died 18 May 1918)
Chia Ong Tin passed away at the age of 56 on 18 May 1918 at 6-2 Mackenzie Road, Singapore. He is the father of Chia Quee Eng, Chia Poh Choon and Chia Poh Hock. Finally it was mentioned that his remains were removed from 6-2 MacKenzie Road to the Chinese burial burial ground at Toah Pyoh (Toa Payoh) for interment.

Son: Chia Ong Cheng (1864-1908)
Chia Ong Cheng passed away at the age of 44. His tomb is located at Lao Sua (100 meters away from the tomb of his father, Chia Khye Kak and brother, Chia Ong Tin.  

Location of tomb 

Chia Khye Kak tomb is located just above the Lao Sua (Heng San Teng) Temple on the left and next to the tomb of his son, Chia Ong Tin. 



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