Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birding in Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve

Another fun day in Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve and its never boring especially during the migratory season (end Sept - end Feb). The pictures of the Milky and Painted Stork were taken at Bird Observation Hut No 2D.

The cute thing was seeing a huge mangrove crab coming out from its muddy hideout as the Milky Stork was feeding nearby it. (probably felt threatened by the huge yellow beak probing around !)

Milky Stork with giant crab 

Painted Stork (left) with 2 Milky Stork (right)

  1. Milky Stork
  2. Painted Stork
  3. Grey Heron
  4. Terek Sandpiper
  5. Broad-billed Sandpiper
  6. Common Redshank
  7. Marsh Sandpiper
  8. Mongolian Plovers
  9. Pacific Golden Plover
  10. Whimbrel
  11. Little Egret
  12. Intermediate Egret
  13. Scarlet backed flowerpecker (male)
  14. White-breasted waterhen
I also spotted 3 otters near visitor center pond and 1 feeding at Sungei Buloh Kechil were also spotted. I will write about that in a separate post.

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