Sunday, October 03, 2010

Reflections in Bukit Brown Cemetery

I am in a contemplative mood today. Going through some of my photos of Bukit Brown and after watching and readings the news on the passing of Madam Kwa Geok Choo (Mrs Lee Kuan Yew), some reflection on this i think is normal. My blog post is not on the latter, as much is already covered in the press on her life and legacy. Rather, the focus on this post is on Bukit Brown itself.

Other than being a great place to do birdwatching, Bukit Brown is a good place to reflect on a time long past. A number of well known people in the Chinese community were buried here as well and there are many tombs here engraved beautifully and decorated with the traditional chinese symbols popular at that time. There are some more "modern" ones as well which consist of Sikh guards.  

As you walk among the one's resting in eternal rest, you take time to reflect that you are looking at your eventual fate as well. As i look at the faces & names at the gravestones, i do sometimes wonder, what kind of live have they led, the legacy they left behind.

Sikh guard
  One of the few more "modern" gravestone, whereby the guardians consist of sikh or punjabi guards. The more traditional graves will consist of guardians of chinese mythology such as lions and nymphs, etc.

How did she die? Did she die young? As she been forgotten by the ones close to her? As time weathers away the gravestone and the chinese characters, will she be forgotten forever...? or will the march of development one day awaken the asleep, whereby Bukit Brown Cemetery shares similar faith with others such as the Bidadari and Bukit Timah Cemeteries.

As time marches, mother  nature slowly takes over and engulfs some of this memorials that have been forgotten by its descendants. Left unattended, they too, will soon disappear.
Fern covered grave

Freed ?

Depending on ones belief, we await the day when the soul will be freed from the decaying flesh..Free from the bondage of sin to transcend to a higher plane.

Till then, the shades of the branches of the Rain tree and the maid guardians are their loyal companion.
Maid deity

I shall be by your side forever

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