Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bird watching in Bukit Brown Cemetery (October)

Lineated Barbet

3 Grey headed Woodpeckers

Back to Bukit Brown for a walk and some birdwatching. I do highly recommend this place if you want some peace and quiet in addition to the beautiful bird life. Not much people today. A few joggers, but they are ok, they don't make much noise. Well, just a couple of minutes into the walk, it rained ! 

That's something you can't predict nor stop, RAIN..and its nature way of telling you, take a break and get wet. I carry with me a $1 plastic rain coat. Made of plastic,(...sorry ah, if this word makes you nauseas) its very light weight and can be reuse again and again till it rips. That and the trees provided some shelter from the torrential rains.  

Laced Woodpecker

  1. Lineated Barbet (1 feeding on fruits on a tree)
  2. Laced Woodpecker
  3. Grey headed woodpecker
  4. Hill Myna
  5. Red Breasted Parakeet
  6. Long-tailed Parakeet
  7. White breasted Kingfisher
  8. Collared Kingfisher
  9. Black-naped Oriole
  10. Crimson Sunbird
  11. Purple Starling(s)
Manage to spot also 2 Flying Lizards and a Cobra

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