Oriental Pied Hornbill Artifical Nest

Nest Boxes

This "artificial" nest have become a common site both in Ubin Island as well as on mainland Singapore. The picture i took is from a tree along Henderson Waves in mainland Singapore.

Part of the Singapore Hornbill Project that started in 2006, this project has been a resounding success in maintaining a stable population of Oriental Pied Hornbill in Singapore.

Without suitable mature trees with the right cavities required for hornbills to nest in urban Singapore, this substitutes have become a life saver as well as  assisting ornitologist in their research work, providing rich information on their lifecycle and nesting behaviour.

I hope to see a day we can see more species of hornbills (such as the Rhinoceros Hornbills ) thriving in Singapore and the efforts by individuals and organisations finally rewarded by the presence of this "Farmers of the Forest".



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