Sunday, December 05, 2010

Recommended: A Passion for Birds

This book has been reviewed by many people,so i will not duplicate them. Rather, this book by Ms. Ong Kiem Sian offers insights to her love and joy - photographing birds. If you are not a avid bird photographer or do not have the means to do so, this is a fantastic book to add to your collection or just spent sometime reading through it. 

Having done just that, what really comes across is her patience, drive and the joy she gets in achieving the "defining shots". However, the pictures in her book did not happen overnight, but a cumulative effort than span over 16 long years.

I enjoyed not only the close-up shots but also of behavioural shots caught on photo.  An example of this are the shots of a small common Iora feeding a larger juvenile Banded Bay Cuckoo and the very same page, a shot of a Black-and-yellow-Broadbill feeding a juvenile Indian Cuckoo. You often read of the nest parastic nature of Cuckoos, but it is lovely to see photographic evidence of that happening as well.  She has also documented videos of such occurance.
Sadly, she passed away on in June 2009. According to Morten Strange, the co-author of the book, she was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, but continued to laboured on, to do what she does best - leaving behind a legacy for us to remember and most importantly enjoy. 

You can borrow this from the library or buy them from major bookstores (e.g. Kino)

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