Sunday, November 06, 2011

Bukit Brown - more than just a cemetery

Bukit Brown(BB) cemetery is in the press more recently for its heritage and rediscovery of graves of pioneers and notable people of Singapore's past. My first experience of visiting BB was 3 years ago when i joined a organised nature walk by Nature Society (Singapore) and subsequently been visiting that place every year, but not as frequent as this year, 2011.

See blogs of past visit(s)

This year with more awareness of the richness of its "hidden" heritage, i also began to explore BB to find out more about the Chinese pioneers interned there. This is all thanks to efforts of a small group of people from creating the buzz and also self help DIY map of the place. In one of my visits i decided to follow this map and that got me hooked ! One unfortunate thing was i can't read chinese and hence unable to do my own discoveries but depended on people who could and share about it online.

I will blog about my discoveries on the heritage and people of BB in the coming months on top of my usual nature post.... Yes, its time to diversify into Heritage in addition to birding and nature trips ! lol..

In meantime, do enjoy this picture of a Asian Paradise Flycatcher and Grey-Headed Fish Eagle catching a thermal above me. Both pics taken at BB on 23th Oct 2011.
Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Male)

Grey-Faced Fish Eagle

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