Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tampines Echo revisited

Red whiskered Bulbul

Decided to pay a visit back to Tampines Echo after a long spell away from it. It was a quiet day as it rained the whole day in the morning, but why not ! Not a bad run, as i was rewarded with the following spots

  1. Scaly breasted Munia
  2. Zebra dove
  3. Brahminy Kite
  4. Tiger Shrike
  5. Red whiskered Bulbul 
  6. White breasted Kingfisher
  7. Pink-neck pigeon
  8. Bee-eater (too far to id the details)
I know that's not much, but hey..i wasn't expecting many anyway. But it was the first time i saw a red whiskered Bulbul in Tampines Echo.

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