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Tok Cheng Tuan (Bukit Brown)

Tok Cheng Tuan's tomb (Block 2 Division B) is interesting and eye catching for its large size, benches and an A4 size picture of him and his wife. His tomb consists of sculptures flanking its right and left- eagles and jade maidens, tombstone and decorative shoulders. You can also make out the additional tombstone with their A4 pictures. What is out of this picture is two stone benches. The two pegs (no. 1947 and 1948) indicate that this graves are likely affected by the road.

Tomb of Tok Cheng Tuan 

Tok Cheng Tuan was a storekeeper at the Anglo French Trading Co. On February 11, 1926 while walking to work, he was shot by a bullet by an assailant by the name of Tan Kim Swee. By twist of faith, Mr Tok survived as he was wearing a leather belt and somehow the bullet was deflected away from his vital organs but was still embedded near his spine, without causing real harm (unfortunately Tok Cheng Tuan died a year later though, but whether it because of this wounds is unknown to me). The assailant, Mr Tan was sentenced to 7 years of hard labour and given 12 strokes of the whip.

As said, slightly more than a year later, on May 6, 1927, Mr Tok died at his house in 61 Club Street. He was only 38 years old, leaving behind his beloved wife Oon Tuan Cheng, 2 sons and 4 daughters.

Mrs Tok on the tombstone was said to have died on 28 Sept 1951 at age 61.

ST 9 May 1927
Picture of Mr and Mrs Tok 
Their tomb is now being cleared for ID by LTA contractors as they are in the buffer zone for the proposed 8 lane highway cutting through the cemetery to alleviate road congestion along Lornie Road.

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