Ubin Island - one of the World's most secret island

Nice headline from an online article featuring the world's top 10 most secret islands. That article was targeted towards US readers/travelers though, but i guess rather than secret, to me it's a magical island and when stepping on it, you are timed machine back in time to Singapore in the 60's-70's. It doesn't even fully like a part of urbanised, metropolitan Singapore but a rustic, laid back kampong lifestyle.

Making a trip on weekend means dealing with crowds as Ubin is definitely becoming a popular getaway, as i see increasingly a number of tourist wanting to see a part of Singapore so serene and yet so easily accessible. The bumboat ride itself adds to this "experience". I shudder at any suggestion to build a bridge to connect and provide ease of access. That will really destroy the experience.

What has somewhat disappeared from Ubin is the declining local population, now mostly moved to the main Singapore Island as practical conveniences such as school, healthcare are not available on this Island and the ban on local poultry (chickens, ducks, etc) makes self substance living more difficult. You will immediately notice it when passing by kampong house's you would not likely hear any longer the loud cracking sounds of chickens, etc.

Puaka Hill where you can see both Singapore and Malaysia. 

I made a trip on 30 Dec to check out Puaka Hill and was rewarded with this view. I thought of sharing this. So, what are you waiting for ? Do make a trip to this "secret island" if you have not. 



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