Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family day in Bukit Brown

For the past 3 months, there were ad-hoc activities and free guided tours to Bukit Brown. For the month of March, which coincides with 1 week of school holidays, the various societies such as Nature Society, and facebook individuals with a passion to save Bukit Brown (e.g. All things Bukit Brown and SOS Bukit Brown) have gotten together on 11th Mar 2012 and created a series of activities to get more people, especially families to come down to Bukit Brown. There were free heritage tours,birdwatching walks, plant walk guides, treasure hunt for children, painting session, haiku, storytelling and a horse by the name of Astroboy was even present to lend support.

 I myself volunteered my time for the event by being a guide. Many other volunteers also came down and offered their time and effort to save this lovely place in their own ways.

If you missed the session on 11th March, there would be another one on 18th March. See you there!

Free Guided tours

Storytelling and exercises for children and tours 
Photo opportunity with the
"star" of Bukit Brown
Astroboy the horse ! 

See below activities for the month of March and do your part to save Bukit Brown Heritage Park.  

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