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Chew Bah Kah and family (Bukit Brown)

Chew Bah Kah 
Chew Bah Kah studied in St Joseph Institution and worked as a clerk before going into his own business as a haulage contractor. In a tender accepted by the Municipal Commission, the tender was awarded to Chew Bah Kah to supply fine sand from Sungei Ringget (Sungai Rengit, Johor) at $2.15 per cubic yard.

A good Samaritan 
In 1950, Chew Bah Kah entered the little hut of elderly Mrs Ong Kim (who lived with her paralysed 30 year daughter and 10 year old grandson) and saw the dilapidated condition of her hut and thus decide to rebuilt her hut into a new house with two rooms, a living room and a kitchen. Beside building a home, he offered to give the 10 year boy $10 a month so he can go to school.
Mrs Ong Kim receiving relief from Social Welfare Department
(source: NewspaperSG)

In 1951, he repeated this deed by building a hut for destitute and paralysed Grandma Lau. Before that she was sleeping in a place exposed to all weathers under a frail shelter made of gunny bags and cardboards.

Relief for Fire Sufferers
The committee of Tiong Nam School at 107 Selegie Road, under the chairmanship of Ong Chwee Taw (Ong Chwee Tow /Ong Chwee Town) provided relief to the homeless of the great fire in Rangoon Road. In January 1924, the school housed 50 homeless mostly women and children. Chew Bah Kah was a committee member. He was in the committee in charge of rice distribution. Chew Bah Kah was also a committe member of Chung Nam School (1925).

Chew Ban Kah died at the age of 67 on December 28, 1960 leaving behind his wife, Tan Guek Neo, 2 sons, Chew Boon Leong, Chew Peng Yam, 2 adopted sons, Chew Jin Eng, Chew Jin Chiang, 3 daughters; Chew Jin Neo, Chew Boon Eng, Chew Peng Choo, 3 son-in-laws, 2 daughter-in-laws, 22 grandchildren.

The cortege left his residence in 15 Nallur Road. Members of the Choa Ann Association and Chew Clan send their well wishes.
Chew Bah Kah's tomb 
Father: Chew Ah Kah 
Mr Chew Ah Kak passed away at the age of 75 on June 7, 1941 at his residence in No 158 MacKenzie Road. He is survived by 2 sons (Chew Siew Boon alias Koh Siew Boon, Chew Bah Kah), 1 daughter (Chew Boo Neo),  1 son-in-law, 3 daughter-in-laws, many grandchildren. Chew Ah Kah is buried nearby.
Chew Ah Kah  (a dragon fly resting on his photo) 

Chew Ah Kah
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