Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nature in Bukit Brown

Bukit Brown has more than heritage to offer. This article is dedicated to the nature aspects of Bukit Brown and there is so much to see and share. This article hopefully will be a first of many articles in my personal journey of discovery of the nature aspects of Bukit Brown.

Bulbophylllum vaginatum
The blooms of the wild orchid on the rain tree in Bukit Brown doesn't happened often. But when it happens, it is a wonderful sight to behold. The Bulbophylllum vaginatum or wild orchids on the rain tree in bloom in a beautiful yellow color.
Bulbophylllum vaginatum
Betel leaf (Piper Betle)
Another common sight on the rain tree is the Betel leaf (Piper Betle). They are creepers and tend to be climbers. They are often confused with daun kaduk which looks almost the same, but are not creepers. Betel leaf i was told was once very important in the peranakan culture and the holder (tepak sireh) holds court in many of marriage arrangements and on the wedding night.

Betel (Piper betle) aka Daun Sireh 
Ficus variegata (Common red-stem fig)
Ficus variegata (Common red-stem fig) is also another plant to behold as you explore Bukit Brown. When the fig tree blooms it places host to a huge cluster of fruits that seem to grow of the trunk of tree. I read that its flowers actually grow inside the "fruit" of the fig. Pollination happens when wasp enter the fig and lay its larva inside. Fig trees play an important role not only for the wasp but is an important food source an sustenance for the bird life population. Figs are an important part of the ecosystem as by its nature, it fruits regularly and more frequently, thus providing food for a wide variety of animals from birds to monkeys which also help disperse the seeds of this plants.

So, come visit Bukit Brown. A long tailed macaque might welcome you at the gates of Bukit Brown !

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