Sunday, June 02, 2013

A walk by the reservoir (Upper Pierce Reservoir)

I never explored the Chestnut Avenue / Upper Pierce Reservoir before so when a friend asked me to join last month (May), i said why not.  The trail is a simple trail that starts from 500 Chestnut Ave
(google co-ordinates 1.371197,103.781603 ) and goes in a loop back to where you started. Not as challenging as the Woodcutter's trail mentioned by many adventurers or mountain biker's, but i would say pretty good for those who want to try something different without npark markers or sign board to guide you.

Through the forest, the emerald green waters
welcomes you 
Getting there

The route i took gives a brief glimpse of the reservoir from the opposite side of Bukit Panjang as well as to observe the efficient system that PUB, Singapore's national water agency as in place to sustain clean water supply in its catchment area, Upper Pierce Reservoir. I read that the Chestnut Ave Waterworks is able to handle 90 million gallons of water per day including water pumped from a 14 km pipe from the new Marina Reservoir and treated here. It is of course able to treat potable water that meets the World Health Organisation standards. Below are some of the photos that i took while walking on this trail that is heavily used by mountain bikers.
Jungle trail (no signboards but well used) 

On a dead tree, a raptor nest in the making

A iron bird being chased by a small

Beautiful butterflies abound on this trail 

The sharp spines of the nibong tree

Striped-Tit Babbler wondering why i am out here

Spines of the rattan vine

Very welcoming emerald green water of the reservoir 

The Chestnut Avenue Water treatment plant can be seen at the end of the trail. It is here you can see with almost your own eyes (the inner place is of course out of bounds) how clean water is dispersed into the reservoir.
End of the trail 

Chestnut Avenue Waterworks

Treated water (so clear)

Treated water flowing into the reservoir


Jason Lim said...

My childhood kampong. Used to cycle there when I was a kid in the 80s. Nice to see that it is still the same.

Rojak Librarian said...

Thanks for your insight to this place Jason !