Lim Cheng Tee (Bukit Brown)

Lim Cheng Tee (1878-1932) worked in Messrs. Paterson, Simons and Co and later was the Managing Proprietor of Singapore Dubashes Co. at No 27, Robinson Road. The manager of the company is Tan Hock Ghee. Lim Cheng Tee passed away at the age of 54 on March 4, 1932 at his residence in No 22, Lorong 25-A Geylang Road. He leaves behind a widow, 2 sons, Lim Kim Hock and Lim Choon Hock, 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren. His funeral took place on Tuesday, March 8, 1932, 10 am. From the tomb itself the names of his sons; Lim Kim Hock, Lim Choon Hock, daughters; Lim Kee Neo; adopted daughters; Cheng Lian Neo, Chin Neo, daughters-in-law; Neo Chuan Neo, Chia Ngia Kechit Neo, grandsons; Lim Hood Poh, Lim Hood Hin, Lim Hood Lay, Lim Hood Beng, granddaughter; Lim Gek Neo.
Lim Cheng Tee

Children and grandchildren

What and who are Dubashes? 

Dubashes derive the name / title from the hindu word ‘dho’-‘basha’, meaning those who speak two languages and, thus, were interpreters. More than interpreters; they were the middlemen in the commerce between European merchants and the local.Early European companies would had a dubash and European companies including banks had dubashes (sometimes called shroffs). Other than been a middleman making money from both Europeans and local's.

Kelantan Coolie Case 1910

Wee Swee Kee (a partner in the opium farm in Kelantan and Lim Cheng Tee (former employee of Messrs. Paterson, Simons and Co) were charged before the courts on charges of recruiting 84 Chinese coolies from the Singapore colony for employment outside the colony and F.M.S.  The charges were brought forward by Mr Ellis and W. Peacock of the Chinese Protectorate. The court rule to acquit Lim Cheng Tee while Wee Swee Kee was convicted and fine a total of $850.

Sikh guard No 23

What attracted me to this tomb was the Sikh guard that was used as the guardian. In one of article i did an inventory of my finds, and including this, there are 23 tombs that i documented with sikh guards within Bukit Brown (at the point of discovery) proper. Outside of Bukit Brown, or Greater Bukit Brown, i have seen 2 so far. What is unique about about this tomb other than the intricate carving of the sikh guard, is that one the sikh guard is enveloped by a tree.
Sikh Guard engulfed by tree

Lim Cheng Tee Sikh guard
Decorative tiles with a sikh guard statue

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