Dr Oon Sim Kong and family (Bukit Brown)

Dr. Oon Sim Kong studied in St.Joseph's Institution and  graduated from King Edward VII Medical School having passed his final examination in 1917. He went on to join Town Pharmacy at 144 South Bridge Road. His father was Mr Oon Chong Lock. His wife up to 1919 was Miss Khoo Lean Neo (eldest daughter of Kho Keng Chuan). In April 1919, a public notice went out by both parties in the newspaper giving me some insight of the reason of the separation. Miss Khoo Lean Neo highlighted family quarrels and disagreements, especially with Mr Oon Chong Lock's step daughter.

Dr Oon Sim Kong 

In October 1928, about 50 medical practitioners and students gathered for a dinner held at the Garden Club to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the Republic of China. Organised by the Chinese Medical Students' Union, this gave an insight to the number of local chinese medical doctors or students with Western medical expertise in Singapore. Dr. K.S. Lum presided the event and among those present include, Dr. Oon Sim Kong, Dr and Mrs Lim Han Hoe, Dr and Mrs Choo Teck Guan, Dr. and Mrs Ang Swee Hian, Dr Hannah Tan, Dr. and Mrs Ooi Keng Lok, Dr Oon Kok Tee, Dr Tan Eng Han, Dr Lee Sam Foh, Dr Tham Ying Khow, Dr. Khoo Peng Seng and Dr. An Kee Hock.

Dr. Oon Sim Kong of 19 Eng Watt Street passsed away at the Chuo Byoin on July 20, 2603 (1943).

Dr Oon Sim Kong
Dr Oon Sim Kong 
Mr Oon Beng Kiat (eldest son)
Mr. Oon Beng Kiat, eldest son of the late Dr. Oon Sim Kong and Mrs Oon Sim Kong of 19 Eng Watt Street, Syonan was engaged to Miss Tan Poey Liew, daughter of Mr and Mrs Tan Chong Teck of 35 Devonshire Road, Syonan.

Joseph Oon Beng Kiat passed away on February 14, 1982. He is survived by his wife, Lynn Tan Poey Liew, sons, Teddy Oon Aik Hin, Steven Oon Aik Leong, 2 daughter-in-laws, 2 daughters, Kitty Oon Gek Lin, May Oon Gek Tin, 1 son-in-law.
Oon Beng Kiat
Mr Oon Beng Choo (second son)
Mr. Oon Beng Kiat, second son of the late Dr. Oon Sim Kong and Mrs Oon Sim Kong engaged with Koh Kim Heong, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Koh Lian Seck

Miss Oon Beng Neo / Mrs Chia Teck Soon (eldest daughter)
Miss Oon Beng Neo, eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs Oon Sim Kong married Mr. Chia Teck Soon, second son of Mr. Chia Eng Say, government contractor of Singapore and Penang in November 2, 1935. The wedding took place in the brides residence in 172, Pasir Panjang (6 3/4 mile).The wedding dinner was held at Mr. Chia Eng Say's residence in 12 Chapel Road in November 2, 1935. Rev. R.K.S Adams, Principal of St. Andrew's School. proposed the toast to the couple and about 400 guest were present.

Miss Oon Beng Cheng /Mrs Andrew Tan Eng Shiang ( second daughter)
Miss Oon Beng Cheng married Mr Andrew Tan Eng Shiang, son of Mr and Mrs Tan Soon Teck of Singapore and Malacca. Andrew Tan is attached to the Royal Army Service Corps. The wedding took place in old chinese style at the bride residence in 172 Pasir Panjang. (6 3/4 mile)
Miss Oon Beng Cheng and Mr Andrew Tan Eng Shiang

Miss Oon Beng Guat /Mrs Pang Leong San (third daughter)
Miss Oon Beng Guat, third daughter of the late Dr. Oon Sim Kong and Mrs Oon Sim Kong married Mr Pang Leong San, second son of Mr and Mrs Pang Cheang Yean.

Father: Oon Cheng Lock
Brother: Dr Oon Kok Tee 溫囯治
Sisters:  Oon Tuan Siok 溫端淑 , Oon Tuan Cheng 溫端清 (Mrs Tok Cheng Tuan) , Oon Tuan Choo 溫端珠 and
Oon Tuan Peng 溫端冰

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