Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Naturalist Guide to The Birds of Singapore (Book launch)

Birds of Singapore 
I found time to head down to Kinokuniya today at 2 pm to witness and support the launching of a bird book with an updated list and photos of 280 birds seen in Singapore. The book authors, Yong Ding Li, Lim Kim Chuah and Lee Tiah Kee were present in the launch, book signing cum mini exhibition ceremony. Also present in the book launch were members of the birding community, Nature Society Singapore members and nature enthusiast.

Lim Kim Chuah (In yellow polo), Yong Di Li (standing)
Lee Tiah Kee (in red t-shirt) 

Beauty bird pictures in the book launch 
It was also heartening to see parents bringing their young ones and getting them interested in reading (or browsing the beauty pictures) of nature.

Young nature enthusiast in the making
As for me, it was good to support and cultivate the interest of nature loving, as birdwatching has always been my first love. I went away with my own signed copy.
Signed copy by the authors
Happening this two days are also the Festival of Biodiversity,with exhibitions and programmes happening today (13 July) and tomorrow (14 July) in Vivocity. I read in the papers today an app was made available in conjunction with this festival that help to identify snakes in Singapore. I so far see it on itunes only. (i could be wrong). 

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