Lim Teck Kim and family (Bukit Brown)

Lim Teck Kim was born in Kinmen. He passed away on 28 June 1938 at the age of 55, leaving behind 11 sons and 13 daughters. Lim Teck Kim established the Lim Hoe Chiang Co. , a General Store which marketed the "Global Brand" coffee and W.D & H.O Wills of Bristol and London "Flag Brand" cigarettes at 250 Tanjong Pagar Road. Lim Teck Kim also pioneered Singapore's first amusement park, "Old World (1921) which was later renamed "Happy Valley". 

Lim Teck Kim's brother-in-law, Ong Boon Tat subsequently opened "New World" (1923).

Lim Teck Kim

Lim Hoe Chiang Co promoting "Flag Brand" cigarettes

The Happy Valley

The amusement park was open on 1 February 1924 afternoon by Mrs. Lee Choon Guan, M.B.E. who performed the cord cutting ceremony with a golden scissors at the main gates of Happy Valley just before the Chinese New Year. The main attraction includes a boxing stadium that can be adapted to use for theatrical shows and circuses. Another attraction is a big three decked steamer, nicknamed the "ship" with wide decks that accommodate hundreds of people. On the grounds also is a towering pagoda.
Happy Valley 

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial service at Happy Valley

In 1925, Happy Valley also transformed to be a site of worship and memorial for the late Dr Sun Yat Sen and on the stage, the life size photo of the late Doctor, with hundreds of scrolls bearing messages of sorrow and admiration for the late Dr Sun Yat Sen supplied by the various guilds in Singapore. In front of the photograph were hundreds of flower wreaths of various forms. Men, women and children wearing black bands came to pay their respects. Among those who spoke included Mr Teo Eng Hock and Mr Ng Seng Pang. 

When the King of Siam visited the Happy Valley

In 1924, His Majesty the King of Siam visited Happy Valley past midnight and was greeted at the gate by Lim Teck Kim who brought them on the visit of the grounds. They spent some time in Merry Opera Company before leaving at 1 am. 

Happy Valley was eventually sold off to the British-American Tobacco Company.  So where was Happy Valley located exactly ? Clues from building plan approvals places Happy Value to be at Kee Seng Street adjoining Tanjong Pagar. Interestingly enough, the 3 parallel streets include Hoe Chiang Street (name of Lim Teck Kim's company and finally Lim Teck Kim Road (a road named after Lim Teck Kim himself). 
New Singapore Street Map (1932-1935)


Listed on the tombs of Mr. Lim Teck Kim and Madam Ho Ah Moey are the names (that are visible to me) as follows:
Sons: Lim Cheng Bock, Lim Cheng Swee, Lim Cheng San, Lim Cheng Hai, Lim Cheng Hock, Lim Cheng Lock, Lim Cheng Hoe, Lim Cheng Kiat, Lim Cheng Hin, Lim Cheng Hong, Lim Cheng Hee,
Daughters: Lim Kim Neo, Lim Kim Eng, Lim Kim Hian, Lim Kim Yeoh, Lim Choo, Lim Kim Lian, Lim Kim Kee, Lim Kim Heok, Lim Kim Mui, Lim Kim Bee, Jean Lim, Lim Kim Chwee, Lim Kim Hoe,
Grandsons; Jimmy Lim, Lim Soon Keng
Granddaughter; Polly Lim, Mabel Lim

Father: Lim Soon Guan (Choon Guan)
Lim Soon Guan (Choon Guan) had 5 sons, Lim Teck Siong, Lim Teck Hin, Lim Teck Chye, Lim Teck Kim and Lim Teck Locke. Lim Teck Siong took over the distribution and sale of liquor /wine business from his uncle, Lim Soon Tee. (chop Kim Hin & Co).

Mother: Tan Koon Lian
Tan Koon Lian, wife of the late Lim Soon Guan passed away on 13 August 1920 at the age of 61 at No. 25 Tras Street. She is the mother of Lim Teck Siong, Lim Teck Hin, Lim Teck Chye, Lim Teck Kim and Lim Teck Locke. She is buried in Alexandra Road Cemetery.

Mother: Wee Hup Neo
Wee Hup Neo passed away at the age of 74  on April 1942 and is buried in Block 3 Section A, plot 269 (same cluster as Lim Teck Kim and Ho Ah Moey).  
Listed on her tomb are the names of her children;
Sons: Lim Teck Siong, Lim Teck Hin, Lim Teck Chye, Lim Teck Kim, Lim Teck Lock
Daughters: Lim Kuan Geok, Lim Guat Neo
Grandchildren: Lim Cheng Bock, Lim Cheng Swee, Lim Cheong Hoe, Lim Kim Hoe 

Wife: Mrs Lim Teck Kim (Madam Ong )
Lim Teck Kim married the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Ong Sam Leong (from Kinmen as well). She passed away on 16 January 1911 at No 89 Chin Swee Road.

Wife: Mrs Lim Teck Kim (Madam Ho Ah Moey)
Ho Ah Moey passed away at the age of 61 on 9 June 1951 at the age of 61 at 57 Buffalo Road. She is survived by 10 sons, 13 daughters, 10 son-in-laws, 6 daughter-in-laws, 43 grandchildren.
Madam Ho Ah Moey

Son: Lim Cheng San (died 1942)
Lim Cheng San lost his life during the Japanese occupation. He was interred at the Kranji War Memorial.  
Private Lim Cheng San 

Son: Lim Cheng Hock
Lim Cheng Hock passed away at the age of 53 on 4 August 1967. His tomb is located in Block 3 Section A, plot 251. Listed on his tomb are the names of his children;
Sons: Jimmy Lim Soon Bee, Peter Lim Soon Keng
Daughters: Polly Lim Poh Neo, Emily Lim Eng Neo, 
Grandsons: Eddie Lim Kim Chwee, Allen Lim Kim Chye
Granddaughter: Janet Lim Poh Choo (?)

Son: Lim Cheng Lock 
Lim Cheng Lock was a Member of Parliament for River Valley (1959-1968) and Kampong Kapor (1968-1970).

Son: Lim Cheng Kiat 
Lim Cheng Kiat was a clerk with the Straits Times.

Daughter: Lim Kim Neo /Mr. Chia Boon Thiam 
Chia Boon Thiam (eldest son of the late Mr. Chia Tiong Suan and Mrs. Chia Tiong Suan) and Miss Lim Kim Neo (eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lim Teck Kim ). In September 1926, over a hundred guest were present at a dinner at Ramsgate, Pasir Panjang in honour of the marriage of Miss Lim Kim Neo, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lim Teck Kim of Messrs. Lim Hoe Chiang Co. and of the Happy Valley Ltd and niece of Mr. Lim Teck Lock ) to Chia Boon Tiam (eldest son of the late Mr. Chia Tiong Suan and Mrs. Chia Tiong Suan).  

Daughter: Lim Kim Kee
Madam Lim Kim Kee died at the age of 28 on 30 March 1949. She is survived by one adopted daughter, Nellie Chia and one adopted son, Quek Chin Hwee. Her tomb lies nearby Lim Teck Kim cluster. (Block 3 Section A, plot 267)

Lim Kim Kee

Location of the tomb

Mr and Mrs. Lim Teck Kim is buried in Block 3 Division A, plot 252, 1/2 and plot 237

Unique tomb of Mr and Mrs Lim Teck Kim 

Lim Teck Kim 

Ho Ah Moey 

Listed the names (visible to me) on the tomb as follows:
Sons; Lim Cheng Bock, Lim Cheng Swee, Lim Cheng San, Lim Cheng Hai, Lim Cheng Hock, Lim Cheng Lock, Lim Cheng Hoe, Lim Cheng Kiat, Lim Cheng Hin, Lim Cheng Hong, Lim Cheng Hee,
Daughters; Lim Kim Neo, Lim Kim Eng, Lim Kim Hian, Lim Kim Yeoh, Lim Choo, Lim Kim Lian, Lim Kim Kee, Lim Kim Heok, Lim Kim Mui, Lim Kim Bee, Jean Lim, Lim Kim Chwee, Lim Kim Hoe,
Grandsons; Jimmy Lim, Lim Soon Keng
Granddaughter; Polly Lim, Mabel Lim,

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  1. I want to praise the editor for his extensive research work on Mr Lim Teck Kim, who is my grandfather. I too have done my personal research to find out more about my grandfather's lineage as well as his successful career here in Singapore. We are also hoping if we can one day have the opportunity to get in touch with our Lim's relatives.
    Good work with much appreciation.
    Jerry Lim

  2. Thank you Jerry Lim for the kind words and all the best in getting connected !

  3. Hello, I have an old family photo of Lim Teck Locke (one of Lim Teck Kim's brothers) which includes his mother, wife and children. In it, his mother is dressed in peranakan garb. If that were the case, I am wondering how would it be that Lim Teck Kim was born in Kinmen as you mentioned here? Perhaps Mr Jerry Lim would be able to shed some light on the matter here as well.

    Ernest Kam

  4. Hi there. I was trying to find some info on my paternal grandfather. I was told, in my younger days, that he was Lim Teck Kim, and that the road was named after him, that his company was Lim Hoe Chiang. His shop stood on the site of the then St Andrew's Mission Hospital at the road junction. I was told he had a few wives, one of whom was my paternal grandmother, Mdm Lee Lai Heng (if I remember correctly), who passed away on April 19 (or 21) of 1976. My father was Lim Cheng Huat, his eldest brother being Lim Cheng Hai (died Feb early 2000s) and his younger brother Lim Cheng Hee (unmarried, died Feb 1 late 1980s). He had other brothers and sisters from the same birth mother, of whom I do not know their names off hand. I remember my aunt said my grandfather was peranakan, but that he did not follow his culture and traditions. If this Lim Teck Kim is indeed my grandfather, I will be most happy to find out more information, and to meet with his descendants whom I may not have known to be my relatives. I do have some documents given to me by an aunt, but unfortunately these have been misplaced in my house and I have yet to locate them. These include a rare photo of
    Lim Teck Kim, and a document regarding the grave site and the tombs there. Thanks and regards, Bernard Lim Teck Guan.

    1. Hi Bernard
      Im Ben Tan one of the maternal grandchildren.My email ( Do contact me as I still have contact with some of our cousins n we can take things frm thereon.

  5. Hello Bernard,

    My name is Eric Lim Teck Hock your cousin. My father is Lim Cheng Hai. Are you Cheng Kee or Cheng Hui? If I remember correctly Ah Mei is your sister and your family home was in Tanjong Katanga Road? It was such a long time ago. Trust all is well with the family. Regards to all.

  6. Sorry Bernard, Uncle Cheng Huat is our second uncle. Got you mixed up with the other cousins. Ben was the one who sent this article to me. I never knew grandfather was buried in Bukit Brown.

  7. Hello Eric and Ben. It was indeed a pleasant and great surprise to hear from you. It had been months since I posted my comment after coming across this blog. I had searched for a long time for info on grandfather. My interest was reignited after seeing a documentary from my colleague who happens to be a grandson of Lim Nee Soon. I will contact you guys soon, after I "recover" from this and gather my thoughts. I am Cheng Huat's son. My dad passed in 2000, my two eldest sisters in 2000 and 2004, and finally my mum in 2010. We used to live in Tiong Bahru in the old SIT walk-up flats. My last contact with relatives was with Aunt Lily and Aunt Kim Chwee back then, a few years ago. Will be in touch with you soon.

    1. hello bernard, I am susan fong, a good family friend of aunt kim chwee. we just had lunch together with her. she would like to get in touch with you again. message me your contact details and I will pass it on to her! hope you are doing well.

    2. Hi, unfortunately I couldn’t reply as the post was under anonymous. I can’t even log in under any account. Will Rojak Librarian please help? Thanks.

    3. Hi Everyone...Im Ben Tan son of Kim Choo. Am glad that the website Rojak Librarian has some interesting updates on LTK.Have forwarded materials that was passed down to the Nat Library Heritage Board.Aunty Kim Cwee passed on 14Nov 2022 n had opportunity to meet relatives that came by to her wake. Looking forward to meet up with our heritage line. Take care. Ben Tan

    4. Oops...its Aunty Kim Chwee that passed on 14Nov 2022. Met up with Aunty Lily who is still up n about n healthy!🙏

  8. I was unable to contact Susan Fong last year because there was no contact or reply email under anonymous. I couldn’t post anything at all too under my googling account. Was also unable to reach rojak librarian because there was no contact link. Am so sad to hear of Aunt Kim Chwee’s passing, and that I couldn’t reconnect with her again before. It was Aunt Lily who contacted me when Aunt Irene passed on some years ago, and I went to her funeral. Dear cousins, and Ben and Eric, and Susan Fong, please keep me in contact and in the loop. My email is and my contact is 97633855, please text first instead of calling, unless your number is in my contacts list my phone silences unknown callers. Thanks and God bless everyone.


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